Topic: hybrid character element

Hey guys! It’s ReverseExecution from the Donut Block Alliance again.

Here with a crazy idea; let me know your thoughts!

What if we had hybrid elemental heroes? Characters that were 2 or 3 different elements?
So they can damage all or 2 elements, but at the same time get damage back from all elements as well.

If a hybrid character was mech, bio, and energy they would be able to damage all other elements, but recieve just as much damage back from any other element!!

Say the character is a hybrid bio chem, and energy… They do damage to mech and bio. But the enemy can do energy damage as well as mech too.

Different kind of concept, but it would be interesting to see what kind heros we would get hybrid idea concepts with. With different special abilities of different elements.

Let me know thoughts and ideas!
Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the devs have already said this is never happening. Sorry to inform you of this.

It’s a cool idea, but non-elemental Heroes or Heroes that change their element or have more than one element aren’t possible given the way the game is made. We would need to rework so much of the code to allow it. Sorry.


While having non-elemental heroes or multi-elemental heroes may not be doable, having heroes that deal multi-elemental damage and / or neutral “damage” is doable and in several cases already done. Well, single element + neutral damage is already a thing anyway. But it would be cool to see like a mech weapon be “energized” by a skill and deal additional energy damage…or something like that.

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Single element and neutral damage can be done, yes. Anything of a different element CANNOT. If you’re an Energy Hero, your damage can be flagged neutral or Energy. That’s it. It can never be Bio under any circumstances given how the game is built.


That would be a really good idea as well.

Alright, thank you.

Maybe a neutral hero then? With similar concepts.

  1. A Hero must have a single element only.
  2. A Hero cannot be neutral. They must have a single element.
  3. A Hero’s damage types can be neutral or of their single element, or both, but never another element.
  4. A Hero cannot change elements, either through a Skill, Skin, or any other conceivable method.
  5. The system that governs this cannot be changed

It would be cool, but I’m saying it’s not possible in order to temper expectations. What you see in the game right now is how Heroes have to be designed to fit the system. I’m sure you can think of some ways around this; I assure you, they won’t work, no matter how clever.


Thanks Muninn.

I understand how software works, and unfortunately I know that it probably isnt a possible outcome.

However, what if you gave a character an element, but all of his skills gave him a buff to do neutral , or same amount of damage to all other elements.

That is a possibility, correct?

Just another idea.

I’m not sure how much clearer I can make this. #3 covers it. The damage can be of THEIR SINGLE ELEMENT or NEUTRAL, or a mix, but CANNOT be of any of the other two elements. What you’re proposing would have to involve changing their element.


Yeah I got that. That’s why I’m saying just neutral.

For this neutral/element damage, maybe we can take a look at Jackal and Krieger…

Jackal’s Suppression skill and Krieger’s Starfall do buff neutral damage to their enemy…

So, there are heroes who already have that skill…

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Yeah no doubt. Itd be cool to make all of a characters abilities like that.