Why aren't there any bio based team-shielders?

Energy has lots of team-shielders - Phalanx, Butter, Vanguard, even Castellan. Ronin and Halo have individual shields.

Mech has Caine who is awesome. Matador can shield himself and one other when the shield effect triggers (rarely though). Razor and Galante are self-shielding. Panzer has a shield technically but it has a very narrow timing window for it to work.

But Bio?

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In my opinion; healing is better than shields - and bio has a bunch of great healers! :slight_smile:
But you’re right, there are not bio-shielders from what I can recall. Maybe the new character, who looks bio, will have these abilities?

Energy has very good healers too - Gammond! Nightingale! Flatline!

Energy has it all. DPS, healers, shielders, disruptors.

I’m glad Panzer is in there to seriously mess them up! Haha!

The new hero’s skills (judging by the FB icons) don’t look anything like shields but I can’t really tell at this stage.

Omg I actually posted about a bio shielder idea Lol, great minds

I don’t think you guys get it: Some classes Specialize in certain areas. For example, mech has many good tanks and Bio many good healers, and energy has good shields.

It should be the other way.

Shields can go over max health, while healing can’t
Heal can be blocked, while shields can’t.
Most heals take time to heal for the whole effect, while all shields are instantaneous.

But yeah, healing numbers are usually bigger than shields.


Was just about to post about the same thing while shields can extend health can be stopped even for longer periods of time. Good reply brother.

Totally agree. Caine is really strong because shields are better, for the most part. He can instantly shield someone and save them at a sliver of life. If a healer get’s off a heal in the same scenario, they can still very well die if being fired at. You can also shield someone at full life and give them extra health where as a heal (usually) can’t do that.

Shields are very proactive while heals are reactive.