Transparency of flagging

Shall we have more transparency about who is flagging the posts?!
Yes, we have different tolerance levels: someone’s jokes might be someone else’s insults. Therefore, it’s good that as a community we can flag those inappropriate posts. However, it’s clear there are people just abusing this anonymous system and flag whichever the post, not because it’s inappropriate, but because they don’t like it.
I suggest we shall keep the flagging system but make it transparent, so we all know who is flagging what.


This would create even more chaos than you can imagine

I review the flags on a daily basis. Just because something was flagged doesn’t mean it will stay hidden. I revert most flags and let the comments be shown.


How? Can you give an example? :eyes:

Witch-hunts, bullying, targeting of that player, and or their alliances, just to name a few.
Not saying everyone would do that, but we all know the community has a certain few who would. :+1:t2:


Isn’t it basically a witch-hunt when people like TeamGB or Kililili getting flagged for no apparent reason?

Understand and agree with your comments. However, I also believe we all should have the courage to stand by what we did, if you believe it’s correct.

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Gonna be funny when this post gets flagged and hidden :joy:


Let’s say we shall have more faith in Bulls.eye :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you. I promise that I can be objective. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ontologically speaking, every post should be flagged.

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