Create an in game report

Hey there!
I have something to suggest here, hope it will work.
I would love to add an in game option to report people since if discovered a french team called “legion 88”, which was a french neo nazi band. Same, the actual leader have a meaningful description reading it…
Hope behaviour like this one can be denounced and hothead team can do something to fix it !

Kisses from france :slight_smile:

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I think it’s hard for Hothead Games to stop these teams and players as long as they don’t insult other players, however their appearance might be insulting enough for some people.
Personally I’m with you: zero tolerance for nazis. I don’t want them on the streets and I don’t want them in this game.

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He does have a point, type in Hitler in the player search box.

Or a report button on certain people would help

We have blocking, but I suspect if there was a way to report another players inappropriate topics/conversations, we’d be spared a lot of pain in VIP. I tend to just close VIP when some individual starts making racial comments. Because even though others will correct the individual, they can still rant and blocking gets confusing as to who is talking to who. It’s rather sad though that we have individuals in this world that still feel certain types of behaviors are appropriate.

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