Cross & Chesterfield

Just trying to get an idea on the plans for Cross/Chesterfield since they’re both mercenaries. Are they going to be involved in future events? Will they count for one of the factions regarding event bonuses? Right now they really don’t do anything for you not being in a faction. Maybe they should count for all factions since they’re mercs.

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This has been suggested a few times before, and I like the idea. Maybe pick one of them per month to do bonus during the raids and PVP? Add another mercenary in for some diversity so everyone doesn’t 10* them right away and have a guaranteed 10* hero for each months faction.

Maybe they could team up with the Rangers in a featured month?
Both factions are kinda small and thematically they somewhat fit together I think.

I think they will be moved to Rangers faction as Rangers only have 3 heroes do it will become 5 …

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