Un-Nerf previous hero’s

With the development of newer heroes being so powerful, I think it would be justified to redact the nerfs on heroes like Beck, 4-Cep, Yeager (shield generate while active), and so on… the list is s longer and I know it’s a long shot but it could be fun.


If recent trends follow, it seems like as each faction gets the spotlight, some serious strength gets the greenlight. It’s not perfect, but in time our old favourites do get shown some love.

I second returning Beck back to her former glory (and god in heaven a new skin, criminy) and returning 4-CEPS bad@ss fire rate back to how it was when he was released.


Return panzer to her glorious state before she got nerfed to oblivion. Reduce the spread of her shots.


And also Ifrit… Make his resurrection unlimited as per his initial release…

And also Nightingale, make her legendary skin skill capable to heal all alies to their max health back…

I think this list is quite helpful. When a Hero gets nerfed and becomes almost unseen in any events… it hints that possibly the nerf went too far.

The state of the game changes. Metas shift. Perhaps seeing the nerf as more of a “timeout until we stabilize the field”, would make sense from a design point of view. Ifrit’s rez is not a real force on the field, and that is sad.

Within reason, we could use some increased “doing damage” in the arena. Beck was a cool villain in the story and it would make sense that she is still somewhat “badass” wherever we plug her in.

At present, 4-Cep is just kind of… there. He isn’t melting the enemy like a terminating robot should be.

Yeager should be a growing threat on the field with a very scary laser… having a lot of personal shields to help attain this would increase the fun in exploring what he can do.

In other words… this request is a justifiable consideration and I hope the spirit of this thread stays in front od Deca’s eyes.

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