Balancing heroes update 1

These are the heroes as off now that need changes in my opinion just know that i dont hate the game i will keep this thread as objectieve as possible

But let me be clear with something if a character has a healing ability then that hero should not have a good offensive ability (like gammond before the nerf) if the hero doesnt have a healing ability he or she should atleast have 2 good abilities with the other being okay at best

I have a problem with these heroes first of all hardscope he spams his drone even if the drone is healing and when you use him its hard to see the drone or know if its even still there please make a drone emblem that points where it is if you have it and make it that the ai only uses his ability when his drone is destroyed
Another thing is that its health and healing are bad if you use it in pvp people destroy it instantly i really think that either its health or its heal should get a buff ( it might be more fair to buff its health)

Next richter he doesnt feel like a good hero his basic weapon feels weak even though itsa anti tank weapon and his sonic sunder too it is low damage and only takes people’s armor for 7 seconds i think that this should be longer and its damage should be a little bit stronger

Next cast his shotgun is really slow for a tank and his abilities are overshadowed by heimlock and mandrake ( like razorback overshadows richter) his abilities are allright but people dont use him because those heroes and the slow firing Shotgun make it a little bit more on faster like butter’s Shotgun or make it stronger

Lastly cross his poison rain is just plain bad not only can people easily escape it even if it hit it Barely does any damage and it doesnt have a sub effect like disoriënt or stun or slower walk speed or anything it needs a buf and/or sub effect and maybe shoot the arrows faster or maybe that it does more damage faster over a shorter time 12 sec might be too much

And his incapacitate is really short make it longer maybe more than cast since he is a midline attacker with less health maybe make it that he Throws a grenade with one off these two abilities

I almost forgot vanguard his shield comes up too slow in pvp by the time its available you already on or lost the battle because you lost your heroes or everyone is at max or high health and the shield doesnt matter please make it that you gain it faster and have it longer like butter

And maybe his silver ability hunker down needs a taunt because people dont Often target him enough too make it usefull

Also halo’s plat is overpowered it is too strong and people use it with heroes who have a buff to their weapon like baron with his plat. it counts as a ability which people can spam please make this weaker and make it only work with bronze and silver abilities (that are offensive) because matches with her end so quikly it doesnt even matter which hero compositon you use

I found a bug with dogface whenever he only uses his fire at will ability he Will stop shooting after six shots and enemies still get damaged but it wont show only if you use both ability he Will work normal

I think ryker his grenade laucher is a little bit underpowered compared to other heroes i would love it if his gold skil worked with both his ability and since its 1 grenade instead of three missiles, would a small buff help(on his grenade laucher skill)

I wil update this if needed for future heroes

Maybe make a list of what u like, might be shorter


I can’t state this enough but Phoenix, come one, Phoenix! For a 5* she is very bad, she would be bad even if she was a base 3*. She hurts herself, a lot, and damages the enemy - a bit.


You mean like everything else dude i didnt mean to hate on the game i just want this changed every thing else is fine(i think) and i love the game otherwise i wouldnt care about this

I disagree i think you should upgrade her Some more and use a healer and/or shielder but i can say that her gold ability isnt the best since people always target that but it might save her in other modes
That being Said i think if you use her try to heal or shield her as fast as you can and as her try to target weak targets because tanks/frontline heroes often have a lot off health if you target weak or weakest targets first you Will be able to do massive damage

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