Unacceptable chat drugs and ext

What can we do when people are talking about drugs or worse?

Screenshot and send to support I guess.

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Stop reading chat for a bit…? It’s a game about killing people, it’s not like it isn’t intended for a more mature audience than candy crush. If you don’t like what you’re reading, then don’t read it. Unnecessary censorship in games is extremely annoying.

What can we do when people that talk about people talking about drugs?

We can talk about it. Like adults. We can talk about people talking about people who talk about drugs.
Like adults.

Talking like adults on the internet? You are so innocent and pure :heart:


Aha, so THIS is internet?


Pretty sure this is a dead issue. I’ve seen hundreds of 420 alliances and players waving the stoner banner like it makes them cool. I think it’s immature to brag about your vices like they’re somehow your defining characteristic. Truth is no one actually gives a shit what they do in their personal lives.

When I see someone blaze about the “420” I ask them why they celebrate Hitler’s birthday (April 20th) lol
9.9 times out of 10 they are clueless about it anyway -.-


Welcome to the internet. Where everyone having the freedom to voice their opinion is both the greatest and most horrible action.

try not reading it? i’m guessing you’re an american lol… please don’t report them, they will ban the person from chat forever. you know how many people play this game for a week and get their panties in a bunch over something they read and end up getting a die hard player banned for good. so they permanently ban a long time player cuz someone got their feelings hurt, then that person never logs in again. they only opened the game and ruined someone’s experience that actually plays the game. and there’s no point in trying to appeal a ban, when you message support and ask for an appeal they reply “we can’t discuss anything related to your ban”, so the person is screwed, no warning, no second chance, just permanent ban. people are so sensitive, there’s shit everywhere about negative stuff, if you don’t like it then ignore it. we don’t all have to filter our words by what you find acceptable. there’s a reason the first amendment on the bill of rights is free speech. man what is wrong w people, i’m a freakin liberal and i think is this some snowflake safespace bs

Free speech blaha.
Whoever invented the free speech law would cut his throat if he saw how misused it became. Free speech was never intended to let people boast about their illegal activities - since illegal activities are… Not legal. Neither was “free speech” a free pass to spew racism in game chats. And while I don’t report users who talk about drugs I’m reporting racism and sexism when I see it and feel proud if these people get their butts banned. It’s my right to report behaviour that make me feel uncomfortable or may insult others is nothing you can change. And if OP want to report drug talkers he can and should do that.


Canadians don’t have that freedom of speech law XD greatest thing ever hahaha

I agree with @ULFPAM and I make my occasional joke about it to, 9/10 are probably kids who can’t even get a beer and feel cool talking about it.

And I hope it’s 9/10 kids cause their English is so bad it would be an ever bigger problem if those were actual adults.


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