Understanding sabotage

Im a old player but has not been online for abit more then a year. Recently came back to this game but i dont understand what does sabotage and improvements do. Please help with some of my questions

  1. why does improvement tiles and sabotage is linked together ? It looks confusing (to a person not knowing whats he is doing)
  2. how/when will i know when i have activated the sabotage to my enemy ?
  3. is it important during alliance wars ? Or should i just continue taking colourless tiles and reclaim stolen tiles
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Can you send in a picture? There are too many aspects here , I don’t know which one exactly you are confused about.

Actually this picture belongs to HQ of your Alliance. It is asking you to contribute more War Coins, so you can build that Improvement. There are multiple Improvements to build here. Some common useful Improvements are Attack Boost , Defense Boost , Improved Scouting , Surprise Attack , etc . You can read their description to understand them. They play a important role in War.

Sabotage means destroying the HQ improvement of other Alliances. If you want to reduce the Boost of opponent Alliance, you can Sabotage their Improvements. I am not taking about taking a tile or re-capturing a zone or lost sector .

Once your Alliance builds the Improvement - Infiltrator , you have the ability of Scouting the Improvement of opponent Alliance and destroying it.

Sometimes we have to change plans in War, for that we can remove and build new Improvements in place of our existing improvements.

Hopefully I have answered all your questions, feel free to contact me or ask if you have any more questions.

Welcome back to the Game :slight_smile:


Great explanation by @Eklavya

The main reason you even want to consider Sabotage is to help your alliance will capture a sector.

You Sabotage their “Defense Boost” and now your attacks have a better chance of beating enemy teams.

You sabotage “HQ Boost” and now the enemy team has 5% less overall power when you are close to enemy HQ. Makes a huge difference.

You sabotage “Surprise Attack” to stop an enemy alliance from trying to capture a sector when they have no supply line.

You sabotage “Infiltrator” so an enemy can not sabotage your Technology.

You sabotage “ReCapture” so they can not get 30min shield during the capture of an enemy defending an attack by you.

You Sabotage “Attack Boost” when you know they are attacking back or trying to capture key sectors.

It all comes down to strategy and sabotaging the right tech at the right time in crucial moments. You have to become a tactician in war tactics and plan execution.

Hope it helps and feel free to reach out if I can help in any way.

Best of luck and happy hunting in AW!