What Improvements does YOUR Alliance use? 🛠

Another one of the many questions that I have for the community to answer, is this.

What Improvements does your Alliance use?

In Alliance War, there are some many different ways to play. One of the factors that help keep wars interesting, are Improvements. There are a variety of options to chose from. These Improvements can help you with your attacking, can help better protect your territory, and even help reveal some secret enemy information! :wink: Personally, my alliance uses the same set of Improvements each and ever war. Fighting Chance, HQ Defense Boost, Defense Boost, Recapture Shield, Attack Boost, and Surprise Attack. If the situation demands it, we will swap one of our Improvements out for Reinforcements or Infiltrator.


Every alliance is different though. Some may use a load out similar to my alliance, while others may use something completely different! Which Improvements are used the most? The least? Lets find out!

Here you can vote on which Improvements your alliance uses!

  • Fighting Chance
  • Risk = Reward
  • Attack Boost
  • Surprise Attack
  • HQ Defense Boost
  • Recapture Shield
  • Defense Boost
  • Reinforcements
  • Improve Scouting
  • Build Faster
  • Extended Vision
  • Infiltrator

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If you chose to vote, please drop a comment and say why you chose what you chose.

If you voted, why does your Alliance chose the Improvements that it does? Which Improvement is your favorite? Which do you feel is the most important? Which Improvement do you hardly ever see in use?

And just to make everything clear, there is NO right or wrong answers. :wink:


We mostly use surprise attacks… Most of the time war becomes boring for us… So, we do surprise attacks on all alliances 1 by 1 to cut their supply lines just near from their hq… Just for fun & nothing

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Depends how your war is going and what’s needed. I selected the ones we use in war. But doesn’t mean we use them every war. War is unpredictable so players need to adapt.


I personally chose all the attack options, my max power teams are very low so these help give me a really good chance to take over an sector with my low power, even when my team is severely underpowered, sometimes i win with just 10 to 50% which is awesome, good poll!

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all, depending on who enemies I have to face, according to the level of the enemy alliance and the layout of the map on the second day

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EDIT - I fixed the chart so now people can chose more than 7 Improvements. That was an error on my part. :sweat_smile:


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