Upcoming Events (August 12 - August 17)

Hello Hunters!

Let’s take a look at the upcoming events while we’re finalizing our work on the update. :face_with_peeking_eye: I know what your next question is. I’m still not able to give a concrete ETA but it shouldn’t be long. :pray:

I know it looks like we’re having 2 identical Brawls but they have more differences than you think. :wink: Make sure to check them out in-game.

Brawl: Elemental Wars
August 12 - August 14

Brawl: Elemental Wars
August 15 - August 17

See you in-game!


While we appreciate you’re trying to keep some sort of activity going with these PvP events, we need some mk reward type events for us with the bigger accounts that have been running on this game for years. All rewards help but not so much for VIP 15 4 year old accounts.


While you guys are still working on the new hero, pls organize more interesting events (pvp, war or those endless waves) which are different to the normal ones. Too many player have left because of boredom……


Brother bring some creates for us to play for… it would be better engagement then these boring PvP

What we need now is to attract new players while keeping the veterans occupied with tasks and special features,

Maybe a login calendar for new players for one month only, if they stay for 14 days straight they get hideo for free, other rewards in the middle, maybe even a plus skin for hideo, (mythic if we’re selling it)

But for that to work, ads, yep those annoying mobile ads that if played enough you might try. Maybe some of those with the “get a 5 star hero and a exclusive mythic skin for free” perk will attract a bunch of new players,

Hehe M A R K E T I N G

Edit; existing players get the skin for free :wink:

Newbies? Not idea how they feel about this game, but for veterans, lack of engagement is a big issue. Someone might say DECA is doing great since they took over, that certainly is NOT the case in my opinion. Improvement is desperately needed. Give you an example: pvp used to be my favorite game mode. However, nowadays, 7 of 10 times we are playing against bots (evidence of lack of engagement). Boring…….


New players and ways to grow larger faster would be nice, and at least we have bots in pvp and don’t sit there forever waiting

Is this DECA’s new event: screw up PvP, so people cannot complain it’s boring? Come on, how you can still say DECA is doing a great job, and call on players to be patient? This is just laughable


At least they are still here for us, they still care about this game, although it’s not much it’s something to keep this game going

Mate, you are Super positive, probably even biased. The fact is we are here for fun and they are here for the business (not us). If they keep messing this up, neither sides will get what they want.


Deca: you guys probably have these next 2 brawls set up…. But how about as a suggestion…. Have a brawl with bottom 10 powered heros and one with top 10 powered heros? …… ok everyone can now poop​:poop:on this suggestion.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Is there serial event available?

It is indeed in the shop for 300 gold, you can also buy tokens packs in “special offers”, however there is no event with “free” tokens this time,

Why there’s no news about update? Is deca going to give it next month?

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How about adding another bounty!!

Good this is actually will be better

I apologize if it has already been mentioned, but where is the Specialty Crate? That hasn’t been around in weeks!

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Yeah I’m also waiting for that

DECA I think most would agree that we don’t need a new hero every month. If adding a new hero is the what is holding the update up, why not add a new hero every other month? Provide bug fixes and new events with a monthly update while you still get up to speed. Also, please open ruby 7 and increase level cap.


Even if they don’t add a new hero every month, which I’m personally fine with considering there’s 200 of them, I wish we could have heros revamped, and have them take the “place” in things like bonus faction, bounty required hero, and stuff like that,

Edit; would be nice to have bugs fixed, new pvp maps someday, and more stuff, but not every update needs a new hero, just new content,