Upcoming Events (July 26 - July 30)

Hello Hunters!

This week is a bit short on events. There’s a good reason, though. Guess what we are working on? :star_struck: No, seriously guess!

Brawl: Faction Fight (Teraventa)
July 26 - July 28

Brawl: Elemental Wars
July 30 - August 1

See you in-game!

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New war! Or void and Astral Fragments
Add serial in Hero crate or Gilded Crate

Is it what i think it is?

will come the usual…NOTHING only NOTHING but NOTHING…


I feel sad because i was waiting a long time for update. Even i check forum 9 to 10 times in a day for it. Now can you please tell us next bonus faction name. I think you can tell us atleast so we can spend time on working that.

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Please tell us what is next bonus faction?

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A new scavenger hunt? :wink:

An upgrade to Cross.


How about we get a danger sim first?

Good choice as well :wink: miss that a lot

Raising the level cap to 105 so we have stronger heroes to defeat extreme missions?

Ruby 7 finally unlocked?


They did this already, her name is venom

Yes please. Oh my i’d love to make my Odachi even stronger. I genuinely want ruby 7 so we can be done with it

Hero’s from forged fantasy are all coming over but you will be changing all their names to fit Hero Hunters?

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Where is update? Atleast give hero spotlight? Even if that’s not possible tell us next bonus faction name… please…

I may have heard word that next hero is not a hero based on an FF hero

My guesses are:

  • 2 new heroes
  • New arenas
  • Gilded Event

I wouldn’t get your hopes up on that though. Despite how positive i am i expect just an update like before. Fest may have been a one or two time thing. And i don’t see why they should add 2 heroes instead of focusing on refreshing the game

you have to put an end to the dreams of the gilded event…they won’t put more…learn everything that favors the players more easily, they won’t put it… new…or may every month have treasure hunt or min simulator!!! I already left an idea here a long time ago… THERE ARE SEVERAL PLAYERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD SEVERAL COUNTRIES IT WAS JUST TO MAKE A STUDY OF MAIN COMMEMORATIVE DATES AND WHAT MONTH THIS DATE WOULD BE AND PUT AN EVENT ON THE TOP OF THAT DATE… at least encourages in players