Update news, additional event and a new hero teaser


It’s just Tuesday and we already have some news for you! Good and bad though.

:neutral_face: Let’s start with the bad. Update will be delayed. Again. Those animations and their technical implementation in the game drive us nuts, but we don’t give up! We will keep you posted once we have the concrete date of the update.

:smirk: Now onto the good news. Since the update is delayed we decided to launch an additional Coop Raid event with Spewage! You have more time now :wink:

Aaand as an appreciation sign for your loyalty and patience we decided to spoil a new hero a bit. All attention to the picture. :eyes:

Her name is Voltage and her faction will be UAF Airborne.
As soon as we are done with the testing, the hero spotlight will be at your service.

She is worth waiting for, isn’t she?

Hopefully she’s a Mech… UAF Airborne has only one (Panzer) and she been nerfed to death. Or a bio with good dps! Please don’t make her another energy!!!Thanks for update on update… and co-op for Spewage.

I don’t agree with the huge delay due to the game’s acquisition time… but as it is happening repetitively you could for example put updates for the month and in the following month keep the same events added to the treasure hunt so you can arrest the players more in the game and not making it tedious and tiring…giving time and time for you to make plans for a new update and bug fixes WITHOUT DELAYS…in short, 1 new update every 2 months and in the second month you put the treasure hunt !! you help each other and at the same time help the players!!!


@DECA Thank you for this development. We appreciate your working through the issues to bring us another proper update when it is ready. The Raids are a great idea I was hoping you’d provide during the interim between updates. We really need ruby gear and void astral frags available beyond every so often events like hunts and simulators hhg has watered down so much before they left. I think New Solo Raids can help us with this one long standing problem. Thank you @epic_moth

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Voltage has to do with electricity. I am almost certain it is an energy

Is that an arm or a leg ?

My guess


As a sign of loyalty and patience for delays and ingame errors since we bought HH, there you are, a reward which is worth all your patience


Bravo. Amazing. Incredible. First game ever which gives sneak peaks.

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Could be the 1st void element hero for UAFA too…

Voltage refers to electricity. Electricity refers to energy. Energy in FF is equal to Water element. Since all FF hero counterparts have matching elemental colors.
Facial details such as war paints. Eyebrows. Eye color and hair structure all looks like that of Rune from FF
My guess it that this will be Rune from Forged Fantasy in futuristic style.
(Credit to @AvatarZero for the line drawing)


If that’s the case, it would be truly sad to see a new FF crossover, need fresh content not recycled garbage


The ‘recycled garbage’ was mainly what was left from HHG. Deca cannot use heroes from FF. They can basically only implement new stuff after these are out

Is that pic a joke can’t make out the hero but thanks for the update on the fraction

The whole point is giving little details to get us assuming. Keep us curious.
I made my speculation on who she will be. Scroll up and you’ll see it

I think my guess was better…lmao

All heroes since Kier have been reskinned FF heroes. Slightly different looks, but ultimately the same character models. They stopped bring over FF heroes so they could use them for new HH characters. Lol

Kier - Pallidian
Everest - Bern
Stygia - Lady Black
Magnus - Overgrow
Hikari - Spike
Spewage - Voidwalk
Voltage - Rune

I stand by Mellow’s guess, the teaser for Voltage looks like Rune from FF, so I would guess the blue/purple object we can see in the right of the image is her slingshot/staff.

if they do that, they will be ruining the AIRBONE faction… because there are infantry and futuristic heroes… a hero wouldn’t fit as described… my opinion

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Seeing the picture it seems to be highly advanced gear. Rune wears a skull on her head. This teaser seems to show some sort of futuristic helmet maybe.
I do agree. If primitive Rune would be added that does indeed not fit. Would fit better in Terraventa. But then again. We may all be wrong here

It’s okay DECA… Pls Give the Serial crate to get the Serial… Likely Luciana crate comes this time…

Stores have plenty of serial, froot loops are my fave.

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