Update 5.7 is live!

Update 5.7 should be live on both Android and iOS.

Feel free to share with us the feedback, concerns and issues if any of them pop up.

Happy Hunting! Go get an electric charge! :wink:

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Decent update, everything is fine, just make sure to not nerf Voltage, instead buff other weak heroes like Kurtz.
5 seconds pvp is what my laziness always wanted.

She definitely needs some toning on the stats. I don’t know if the silver’s damage occurs every second. But otherwise it needs not to. Overall, maybe the silver needs a change but the rest is awesome!

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@epic_moth - I know Voltage is available in the MW crate. I may be mistaken, but shouldn’t Voltage also be available in the 5 star hero crate as well?

My memory is bad but I could have sworn that new 5 star heroes used to be available in both. Thanks and apologies in advance if I’m mistaken.

New heroes usually were available in mw crate and 5 star crate.
Where is specialty crate?