Update concept! Hero-less update;

Hi hunters!
Today I bring a concept for a basic update, that which features no new hero, but rather changes, new skins and plenty to do, hope you enjoy the read! Here’s a :doughnut: for ya!

  • Introduction of Francois feature and setup crate; addition of plus skin; “Poisonous” for her,

  • Addition of mythic skin “Hazmat” for spewage,

  • Co-op raid for spewage frags and francoise frags as well, (dual frags)

  • Solo raid; antidote, (frags for Ronnin and Mk VI ruby core)

  • Boosted / featured faction of Peoples Guard as well as Morlocks,

  • Return of the “Extra” long bounty

  • Guaranteed Verril token event

  • And finally; A fix co-op pvp pairing, it will be paired off of total power, and not teams, bots will have each team match one of the opponents,

  • additionally a plus skin for Moss and Shank

  • Spewage’s Gold ability now heals him for the original dmg from the previous gold each time an enemy is damaged, (4 heals per hero total)
  • reduced spread for Anvil and Maralowe,
  • Cyber reloads 50% faster and has a higher base crit chance, as well as a 10% overall firerate increase,
  • MOST WANTED;all 3 star heros have been removed from the crate, replaced with 5-7 star heros, as well as the addition for a random mythic skin to be available for a 7% chance (changes each update)
  • Some ai’s such as spewage and Duran, have slower fire rates than the player, this will be fixed

I hope you guys enjoy the concept of a hero-less update, with still lots of fun things to do! Extra info :arrow_down:! Thank you all for reading!

  • Extra plus skin are added to skin crate,
  • Françoise will have skin tokens, the required hero for bounty, and other miscellaneous things for new heros,
  • Spewage mythic skin concept reference; although the color white or yellow as the base color,
    (as well as hair, lol he isn’t bald, then again maybe his helmet could carry over from the plus skin, the top and back and side that is, considering he will have a new mask)


Let me know what you think below! Happy hunting!

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Think I’m done editing, if you see any mistakes let me know!

The thing people look forward to, is a new hero to work towards and some new skins. Having events with old heroes you could easily obtain early in game wouldn’t be beneficial to a lot of the higher level people.

Fixing co-op pvp has been a thing for a long time. Requesting it every chance you get won’t make the process go faster.

Gotta work towards the future, not the past.

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This is a basic idea if deca ever falls behind on delivering a update possibly, a simple thing to keep us busy as well as some skins to help us grow,
(also might make one more hero-less concept that involves changing the rubbies on hideo, pris, Salvador, and a few others to their respected ruby)

(Also some other requested features like allowing void and astral heros to allow “all elemental” frags to be applied to them, in other words, basic stuff the community has been wanting for a while)

Mythic skin give a significant power and specially play a great role in war. So I want deca to put old Mythic skin in a very special crate or in most wanted crate with very low chances. This way new players and also old ones will have hope to get them.


That’s what the addition of a random mythic with a relatively high chance in the most wanted crate is for! It’s mainly for only higher ups as they are the only ones who can upgrade the skin,

that nice suggestion but for me i prefer that deca can addjust hero frag from co op raid mission when its 5 star hero ussual is better but when it come on 7 star hero they need give more hero frag so you can get hero just doing co op raid

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I would like more skins with new skills

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I think Brogan should be next hero to get first new skin skill for mythic

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I have a few ideas for the next hero less update I make, brogan buff being one of them, :wink:

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