A Hero-Less Update! Poll included (Concept)

Hello Hunters!
Please keep in mind, this is a Concept, this is just an idea to see if the players would like a update that didn’t have a new hero, but rather lots of new content, changes, skins, and more!

Let’s start this off with a poll;

What do you think of this update in the place of a new hero?

Preferably take this poll and submit your answer after reading the full thing please!

  • Yes, I would like to see this update,
  • No, I prefer updates with new heros,
  • I would be fine either way,

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This update focuses on;

  • Changes of ruby abilities for certain heros,
  • additions for new players (next update idea will not be a “hero less update”, but rather an update just for the big leagues, :wink: )
  • small bug fixes,
  • addition of skin,
  • re-addition of skins to the skin crate,
  • buffs, and more!
Ruby changes!

Many people have been asking for this for a while, so I would like to put it into my update!

  • Salvador; From Support → Doing damage.
  • Hideo; From Support → Doing damage.
  • Pris; From Support → Doing damage.
  • Prophet; From Support → Tactician.
  • Oracle; From Support → Tactician.
  • Kurtz; From Support → Initiator.
  • **Dogace; From Support → Doing Damage.

Kurtz and oracle are just some suggestions, lemme know what other ruby changes you would like to see! I might have missed one or two!

Skins and Events!

The sweet center part of the candy that is in every update! The skins and events are the heart of it all, and my concept will keep that tradition! This time it will contain the events centered around the KLG irregulars as well as the mercenaries!

The bonus hero this update is Marianas!
She will also have some hero changes listed later on;

The skins include; A Mythic Skin for Hideo called “Merc Ninja” and a Rare Plus Skin for Mariana’s called “Depth Strider.”

  • The skin for Hideo will be a black ninja outfit, equipped with swords, ninja stars, and a few ninja “Sais” (hoping I’m saying that right) on his back, his normal outfit will stay the same in most areas but with a dark black outfit and gray accent color,
  • The skin for Marianas will include a scuba suit / diving suit as well as a black main color and light blue accent around it in areas, the gun receives this finish as well.

The bonuses for “Merc Ninja” include;

  • +35% Damage at max level,
  • +30% Health at max level,
  • +15% Armor at max level,
  • +15% Elemental Armor at Max Level,
  • +15% Critical Chance
  • +20% Critical Bonus

The bonuses for “Depth Strider” include;

  • +20% Health at max level,
  • +20% Damage at max level,
  • +7% Crit Chance at max level,
  • +20% Armor at max level,
Mariana’s Revamp!

We all know her as the worst 5 star hero ever since her nerf way back when, I would like to bring her back from the dead and into the meta!

Her changes include;

  • 15% more damage from her weapon,
  • 10% more overall Health
  • 5x the damage from her gold passive ability,

Misc changes;

  • my idea include adding an extra ability incorporated into the gold and platnium. it is as follows;
    For Gold; “Additionally, this hero and her Allie’s recover (health per second) for every enemy effected by this ability,
    For Platnium; “Additionally, every time a hero is damaged by Razor Wind, this hero has a 20% chance to remove all sheilds from them. Each sheild removed by this gives this hero (Damage Per Second)
Skin Changes!

I personally think some skins changes like the following are necessary fro the game,

  • A few “non-plus skins” will be re-added to the skin crate and skins like “Scarecrow and a few other are added to the Vault Crate,
  • Additionally every month, an offer for a past mythic skin will re-appear for the usual price, Grab it before it’s gone!
New Players!

A new calender made especially for the new player who download Hero Hunters,

The calender with be three weeks long, missing one day prevents you from getting the grand prize,

Notable Prizes;

  • Day 7 & 20; 900 gold,
  • Day 14; Mariana’s for Free,
  • Day 19; Hideo for Free,
  • Day 21; Mariana’s Kelp skin (lvl 3 included)

If I were a dev and was loaded I might also launch some new adds to promote the game again, personal idea, idk

Small Bug Fixes

Mainly visual bugs like one with spewages pointy hand on his default appearance, or stygia argon strechty finger, small things like that, :wink:

So what do you think Hunters?

Be sure to let me know in the poll at the beggining :arrow_up: !

See you around hunters! Hope y’all like my ideas!

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I just wish for Dogface’s “support” to become “doing damage” too

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Suggestion added; I knew I was missing one or two, thanks for the reminder!

Hey thats not. A. Bad idea

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