Where is the update?

Hey Hunters!

Time for some news.

The update is still not ready. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: We want to be honest with you. There are technical blockers with animations for the new hero. That’s the main reason the update is late. Most of the other elements of the hero are ready. What will happen if I spoil it all? :grin:

Some good news. We will have the Scavenger Hunt for sure. It will start as soon as the update is out.

Once the update is live we would also like to send you a small gift as an appreciation sign for your patience, support and well, because you are awesome! :heart:

Here are the events that we will have for sure:

05/02 - 05/09 Blitz Event with guaranteed MK2
05/03 - 05/06 Brawl: Elemental Wars
05/08 - 05/15 Coop Raid
05/09 - 05/12 Bounty with MK2 again / Patriots and Mercenary
05/14 - 05/16 Faction Fight again Patriots and Mercenary

One day we’ll share good news only! One day!


The transparency is always appreciated.

People asked for events while they wait for the update so this should placate the complainers and doomsayers for a bit haha.


Congrates for the One and half month delay… Its ok for us to wait for this month…

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Can’t say I’m surprised but I wish they would give us a gift during the wait time. Many players are quitting and maybe by acknowledging that with something in game they would be ok to wait for a little longer.

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Please sell mk2 mythic skin also

Can u provide some events where we will get ruby cores as reward ; like bounty; tiered pvp milestones; solo raid, we need those cores to add bars to our heroes; there is no place in game where we can get it otherwise


Deca please do something fast… Already 17 of my friends have quit this game…


Also please give the speciality token crates that were there from monday to friday… Why did you stop giving that crate…

Gracias por la información,en el evento podría incluir la piel mítico de MK2 porfavor, porfavor

Thanks for the information, in the event could include the mythical skin of MK2 please, please


please give nice compensation

Not sure why they’re flagged. But seeing the memes i’m glad it is

it’s probably one of the ‘community star’ that is policing content on the forum. have you noticed that none of their post are flagged, even though it’s ‘off topic’ and often times, stoking the flames of discontent. For example, there is zero reason as to why Junaid post should be flagged. I unhid it and there is nothing offensive in there. He did not insult anyone and he was probably just excited to see Verrill bonused for bounty.


Whoever is flagging what Kyle said. Don’t see why. Those memes Junaid send, while i did not flag it i understand why. Because it is completely unrelated to this topic.
Let me remind you that flagging can be done by anyone. You can post this flag and it’s flagged. You can send a dot and it can be flagged. It could as well be a troll

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Forum works on discourse… Better read how it works before jumping to conclusions.

Gracias por los nuevos eventos,para seguir disfrutando del juego,podrían revisar la misión 5-6 extremo ya que es imposible pasarla con los héroes con tan bajo nivel,ya que en su momento eran muy fuertes con las antiguas actualizaciónes

Thank you for the new events, to continue enjoying the game, you could review mission 5-6 extreme since it is impossible to pass it with the heroes with such a low level, since at the time they were very strong with the old updates

It’s certainly not impossible. But, even with the right team you might end up wasting hundreds of stamina just to get a good attempt. The mission needs tweaking

If the update when it arrives did the following I think everybody would be happy to wait:

  1. Make universal frags mean what they say by adding void and astral.
  2. Expand the alliance store to include ruby frags.

If DECA thinks that by not even acknowledging the above is needed that players will continue to dump money into the game, I can say with 100% certainty that I at least will not.


DECA kill the Game? :thinking:

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