General Update

Happy Twos Day everyone!

This is the inaugural General Update, and as such, it is more of an announcement rather than an update. The goal of this type of post is to keep everyone in the loop of what is going on behind the scenes here are our intentions, plans and all that good stuff.

As the first of its kind, it will be pretty light and will cover only the most burning of burning topics, namely, the Update.

As most of you have heard from the channels the biggest reason for the delay are some technical blockers that we encountered. The team is working constantly to clear them out as soon as possible so we can go back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Looking back on it this is a massive learning experience for us and it will serve us well in future planning and execution, and your patience on the matter is beyond appreciated.

For now, this is it, and in the future, you can expect a lot more detailed Updates coming your way.

Keep up the awesomeness and we’ll see you around!


Thank you for the life changing update

Is there any prediction of when this preview will come out? thank you DECA for letting us know something!!!

I’m sorry but this is the reward given by you for the delay if that is not 0.5% of what all players lost so far.


Bought the game just for monthly rewards :rofl::rofl::+1::clown_face:

Appreciate the update, but can you guys schedule few events before actual update, it’ll keep us busy for few days

Is the general takeaway, “For now this is it?” :-/

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That is all that matters. Thank you @GunSlinger

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Thanks Gunslinger, glad to know things are moving along nicely.

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So basically saying every update will be like this? May as well just hope we get one every few months

April is still a month away, so why this prank?


The longer you go without new content or at least a rerun event, the larger the anticipation and the less and less possible that whatever you give will be anything other than ultimately anti-climactic. You’re trying for perfect, and clearly playing catchup on your failures to prepare. You’re in a catch 22, but the more you talk about how much you want this update to be awesome and then let more and more time go, the less a chance of it being anything more than a ‘whatever’ response.


It’s what the critics termed vaporware

They’re actually building up the prank for now and will announce in April fools that there is no actual update.

Hopefully they will look into some of the extreme missions. Been stuck on 5-6 forever lol

Look at Salty Texan if any suggestions of heroes.

5-6 definitely needs change. It’s entirely based on luck at some point and trying just to get unlucky has nothing to do with the required skill and it’s a waste of stamina.
Simply remove the shanks. That’s all…


I didn’t expect this from you Master Robert, 5-6 is totally fine, my friends passed it few times recently so no bugged fiber was used.
Problem is people who complains are the ones who never work on their skills and just complain or reply every post in forums/vip chat.
Making 5-6 easy defeats the purpose of calling it “extreme”
It’s time to git gud.

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Git gud? I have already wasted over 1K stamina just trying. I can barely pass wave 1 without losing a hero because my whole team is stunned.
You haven’t passed it yourself from what it seems so i don’t think you have a saying in this. 5-6 is a big barrier for most people. when you pass that mission i want you to continue this argument with me

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Pardon me, not interested in arguments but if you want, I can guide you step by step Method about how to pass it for your help:)
For now, all I can say is… Improvise, adapt overcome.

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I don’t need help beating it. I already have the solution. I am stuck at it because i need luck to beat it. I have the right composition but i need things to go certain ways. You. Got lucky