Heronium Store: non-10 star players gated out

Just a question… but are those of us without 10-star heroes supposed to do as regards the Heronium Store? Look at the Heronium store every day wondering how good it would be to have access to the items?

Just some background… My closest heroes to 10-stars are my Mandrake and Dogface, 9 stars now but approximately 800 frags to go each before reaching 10 stars. My Fortress just reached 8 stars, so around 1600 frags to 10-stars.

For my Mandrake and Dogface, it will take - maybe 2-3 weeks if I am lucky… but for those whose best heroes are 7-star, 6-star or lower, it will take many weeks if months to get any to 10-stars. It will be very discouraging to know that the store exists only for the “elite” (more on that later) and the things that are gated behind Heronium are not accessible to me/us.

Before the July patch, a player who had only 1 10-star could only get frags of that element… If he/she wanted to get a 10-star hero of another element he/she had to do it the hard way, like me, farming fragments of the specific hero of that different element to get that 10-star status.

Now it is different. A player with only 1 10-star can accelerate his acquisition to get a 10-star from another class. With the July update, I’m being punished now for playing the “right way” by buying both Fortress and Mandrake fragments from the PVP store to make a balanced team instead of just buying one, which would have made my progress undoubtedly faster.

I have played so many PVP matches (and grinded so many quick win tickets, lol) but actually I should have been lazier and only bought Mandrake and gotten him to 10 (which I would have done, maybe 2-3 weeks ago).

I like the idea of balancing between the 10-star players, but for those who are new, midway or even close but not yet to 10-star status, the Heronium Store feels like lousy way of saying that we cannot have nice things because we weren’t in the game early enough (my account is 75+ days and I have played this game ALOT to get where I am now) or that our way of playing in a balanced way didn’t work out good for us. It is the second point that feels bad.

It just feels like the effort was not worth it because the line was drawn just beyond me, while now, my friend(s) who have generally weaker teams than me (but happen to have one 10-star hero), will climb right over easily. I don’t feel this is fair and I don’t like it that the non-10-star players like me weren’t considered in the decision making.

I wonder if the devs have any comments.

I also wonder how other players who are far away, or not really close to unlocking Heronium, feel.


Yeah. We all know the devs dont really think that far ahead. This thing that they’re doing with heronium, it is another reactionary intervention (after a bunch of people have already “power” leveled) to their own lack of insight on what to do with 10* frags. This intervention then leads to more inequality.

I really don’t know anymore. Haha you have to realize that our opinions don’t matter to them. They will still crap on it anyhow. Look at the PVP matching issues. Still there, even worse.

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I have one 9*, and 3 8* that are like 30 frags away from evolving.

And I personally think heronium is fine. It’s a end-game shop, so it doesn’t make me feel excluded that I can’t access it yet. Just like I didn’t feel excluded when I was low level and couldn’t access certain contents (be it higher level raids or districts, or Plat skills, etc)

About being punished, I think punished may be a strong word. While those who focused on a single hero can access heronium store, they still win the same amount of daily frags than you. In fact, they win even less, since they need to spend more currency resetting over and over the store.

So, in the long run, a player who spends 10k PvP gems buying the whole store will progress faster than someone who spends 10k on a single hero.

The only difference is they can start starring rare heroes earlier, but once your heroes hit 10*,you should catch up and even get ahead.

Just my personal opinion

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I´m with you there. I don´t have a 10* hero either. I could push two or three to 10* but won´t do it. Sure the store is good, but I get the same ammount of frags like everyone else, they are just not elemental.

Who would you push with your elemntal frags? I think to keep your team balanced you would propably push Mandrake and Fortress, you can do this without the store,too.

I´m a bit sick of all this whining, about beeing left out, nut because you can´t use the full content of the game immediatly. You will profit form the store as soon as you get yout first 10* as much as everyone else. And with a balanced team you shoul have had advanatges over your friends the whole time before, by farming more PvP shards.

From the perspective of a player who does not have a 10-star hero (yet), how do you think the Heronium Store looks?

Does it motivate you to get a 10-star hero because of it? (No not really)

Or does it feel like you are gated out of something which many games have accessible to players of every level like skins (Yup).

It is not that the grind is not important… it is.

But the concept of the Heronium Store dreadfully fails certain segments of the player base. People have asked for skins… but no one ever asked for a Heronium Store. (And let’s not even discuss why yet another currency was introduced)

Click this link

And read HHGs point of view. It helps you appreciate fewer 10s. Makes you want to get them sooner. Stops you from feeling the need to have 10 10s before you can get the rest farmed up at a good speed.

Skin currency can be bought on alliance store and will be also obtained in future PvP events, so saying skins are exclusive to 10* owners is not true. They just have it easier.

I may be in the minority here… but actually the devs’ logic is flawed.

Introducing brakes now, only consolidates the quality gap between the haves and the have nots.

Those who have already benefited from the pre-July 10-star runaway now have people behind them that are forced to run at a slower pace. But they are already some distance ahead. They can use the advantage that they already have secured (for example, 10x 10-star heroes) to outgun and outlast their peers who are under the new system.

Was the pre-July system an unfair one? No, everybody had equal rights under it. Now, it is different.

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Yes, I was coming to this. Look at the cost of what it takes to acquire 25 Skin credits from the alliance store, vs the Heronium store. Convert that into how much time a player will need to spend to do each. They are not comparable at all.

If you spend alliance gems on hero frags, you get 5 frags for 600 gems.
5 dupe frags would give you 250 heronium.

250 heronium - - - - - - - 600 gems
375 heronium - - - - - - - 900 gems

The alliance store pricing is higher, but just because alliance store frags were already more expensive than any other place. They released the skin currency with a price tiered to the already highly priced frags.

But I agree with you that 7.200 alliance gems for one skin is a really bad deal. Given how this currency can be scarce, I’d rather use it on rare materials

Exactly, GT, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

And that is my point: those without 10-star heroes to access the Heronium Store are effectively gated out of skins.

Are skins so important? I don’t know, why don’t you let me know when Nightingale equips her massive group heal legendary skin… do we even need Moss.

Well, to be fair, you shouldn’t be facing many skins if you don’t have 10*. It’s likely your adversaries won’t have them either.

About the progression. A old player could 10* Flatline the moment she was unlocked. With the current limit (60 elemental frags a day), they can only get up to 1800 elemental frags of each element a month. That doesn’t allow to make 10* a hero you just got.

I think thats a nice change, and should make bounty and PvP events more fair.

For us, players without any 10* or just a few of them, this is even better. I can’t farm Salvatore anymore, for example, but once my Fortress hits 10*, I will be able to buy bio frags, so elemental frags became more flexible on that sense.

This store also makes strong heroes locked behind crates, like Heimlock or Hideo easier to obtain, so it’s another improvement for F2P/low VIPs

GT, over time it does and I’ll tell you why. It’s because new heroes are released once a month.

A smart player would hoard every element every day.

In July 2018 - Panzer released, requires Mech frags. Fine.

But the player gets to hoard Energy and Bio frags for the whole month.

Next month, if the new hero is Mech then you’re out of luck and you’re right, you cannot 10* him/her immediately.

But if the new hero is Bio and Energy… well you’ve got a sizable bank already stashed away. And you can 10-star him/her upon release.

So all the new system does in relation to the particular problem of 10-starring a hero upon release, is to simply lengthen the runway for a month or two. After that, we’ll see the same phenomenon.

Anyway, enough commenting on the Heronium system. Back to the grind for me.

I just feel it has the potential to open up so many avenues of unintended consequences that they have to fix later on.

To be honest, if you don’t have a 10* not much is changed for you(heronium store not the other updates) you couldn’t farm frags before so I don’t see what changed?

They put a limit on the farming of frags, so people with a lot of 10* will feel this the hardest, not you

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Yes I agree Sing. The Dev’s logic is flawed. They essentially made the gap unreachable. Again, they’re kissing the bums of the betas too much. Lol for the lack of foresight. It’s all trial and error for them. And who suffers? Average players like us.

As the beta Players are having maxed out most of their heroes, they can`t Progress any further. You will get them for sure. Only the time you need got a bit longer. And honestly, how many players are this? Maybe 30? Everyone else is slowed down and you can catch the players having maxed out 10 or 15 heroes much sooner then before.

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Do people actually understand that it’s the complete opposite? Maxed players get less frags then before.

Betas can farm way less, spenders get way less, please don’t complain about the store when you don’t have a 10 star hero, you don’t know what you are talking about

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