(UPDATED 4/23/2019) Dev-astation 5! Battle Developers, Win Prizes!

Hi would like to know how these times will work seeming that we are all in different time zones. And from all around the world? And while VIP chat is still not working properly

In the dev PvP duel, with both sides have equal platinum power, like in draft?


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haha sickkkkkkkkkkkk

No chance for me with VIP 0

Can’t wait! Cya tomorrow devs!

I’m not a VIP player but I’d be interested to watch this if HHG has a YT channel or something it can stream or upload to.

It was twitch before I;think

Is there anyway to battle the developers even you are not a v.i.p.?

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I am on the server in Mexico since in the chat vip as the general all the players speak in Spanish. Any way for me to be a participant of you? :frowning: … I sincerely want to have Kurt, and I hope to be lucky to participate. :slight_smile:

It’s been postponed folks

(You also can’t win Kurtz from this event)

What time is that in U.K.

Hey all,

The event has to be postponed due to circumstances outside of our control. Sorry!

… unfortunately, Apple has not yet released the update for everyone

Then it would be until tomorrow? :confused:

Deberías ponerte a leer, se POSPONE. No saben en qué fecha


When will it be the iOS update @Muninn?

Apple reviews updates, so it takes longer to actually release than Android; could be anywhere between a few hours or a few days.

Probably on the may update. May as well two birds with one stone

I guess the Play Store is worth updating the developers.