Venomdome unable to play on

Hi HH,

I’ve played all levels of venomdome but now at reset I can’t play anymore… how come?

Normally you can play on till end event with just the normal reward… please let us know is this a bug or planned? Hopefully a bug so you can fix it…


I also want to know if it is bugged or planned.

This is planned as the rewards were significantly higher and no tokens were involved it ends on wave 20 and it is complete. Normally the Razordome has a crate and you can keep earning tokens so wave 20 can be redone over and over, this is not the case this time. I think it is a fair trade off the the rewards were so much better instead of having a crate with repeatable wave 20 to keep trying your chances.


These rewards are far more better. If I had a choice I would always choose this. Current system is better as I can be certain that what rewards I would be getting after completion. In Razorback ones there were times when I don’t get the expected rewards and event ends.


Add more levels please. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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the rewards have been amazing this time… but they cud offer 1 universal token as a reward or even just some XP just so that atleast we can still continue playing this event

Agreed. For the amount of time and tries it gives us, one would expect more rewards. Maybe make some ruby leaves that give 7 star crate tokens. Or just plat 3 bars or something challenging for late game players

Are you talking about the Razordome or the Venomdome? The former, I would understand, but the latter?

140 universal frags + tons of other goodjes are an incredibly good reward, so I’m glad we aren’t getting more on top of that. Still wish there was a way to use up those 4 missions somehow.

The extra daily missions are there to help those who haven’t 3* some missions or are having trouble with the event. If you have completed all missions at 3*, then good for you as you are done early and don’t need extra chances.


The rewards were great no doubt about it. But I like to play even without these bigger rewards then normally. What I suggest was why not give normal rewards if you played all the levels. So you still can use the tries you have.

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