Verril skin isn’t in the crate?

As of right now, the skin isn’t appearing anywhere other than the offers, weird…

They never said the skin would be in the crate, since its not a bug.

The Verrill’s Mythic will be available soon, no worries. Make sure to keep an eye on the shop.

and if folks are surprised having to purchase a mythic skin, its nothing new. Its happened before.

What normal people do then.? Thus who don’t have money what they do lol ignore?


You lie and you know about that. Yeap, myth skins is always be available in special donate offers, but this never be a only way. And this is very bad. First step to transform a HH into money grabber like Diablo Immortal or UbiSoft trash games. We need save alternative ways to obtain any content like this always be with HotHead.


verill mythic skin come in free… its free to buy not free to get

Sadly not i suppose. Not everything in life is free. You want it you need to work for it. If you’re of legal age to play this game it shouldn’t be hard to come around 15$ when you have enough time to even use the skin


Are you understand what not all players may buy this skin even if they have money? For example peoples from Russia, Belarus or occupied Ukrainian territories.

These skins were never free. You always had to work to get them. Ive paid the money to run my coops every month since they started these skin coops. The money gets spent either way if you want it guaranteed. With this being said.
I wont be purchasing the offer for the skin!
Its one thing to spend money and play the game for the prizes you want. Its another to just charge me for it. Thats lazy and counterproductive.
If deca is trying to be like every other pay to get everything type of game. I say congrats! You guys have single handedly destroyed what made this game special. But on the bright side. If im missing stuff i guess theres no need to keep spending to maintain my playing status. O well. Have plenty to use to kill whatever this game throws at me. Haha


True and guarantees you will not collect more nano dust as it still collects from dups instead of a way to acquire missed and still unavailable skins.

Totally agree with kingpin: it’s one thing that we pay to fast track/secure a good deal, and it’s another if paying is the only option! Ever since DECA took over, things are moving slowly but mostly towards the improvement. However, verrill skin issue is definitely one step in wrong direction in my opinion.


I do see everyone’s point and always do my best to consider the different positions in a given situation. This skin does become somewhat more exclusive this way, which might not be what many of you want. And I totally get that. But you should also consider the positive side of this. The support we’re getting from all players is vital for the development and improvement of the game. Especially in these difficult times.

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So, it is a conscious decision, driven by the financial pressure? I can understand and fingers crossed, it does not backfire for DECA.

It was a conscious decision, driven by the wish to explore new opportunities for the game. And thanks. :v:

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Myth skin it’s not just cosmetic. It’s give very big boost in stats and in PVP, and in Alliance War, so make this skins only for donate it’s literally Pay to Win and ruin all game balance.


Just because this 1 F’ing skin is hidden behind a paywall doesn’t mean the balance is ruined. The power compensates with higher matchmaking and losing a more valuable asset puts you at a greater disadvantage.

Bro i am from India nd this skin cost me 1200 rs it’s my 3 working days pay off :pleading_face:

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It’s not fair. Even small power difference matters in game specially when it’s about one of the best hero of the game. We waited a long time for verrill skin and now we have to pay. Everyone is not rich. If game have financial problem then a way is to low offers price, so many players can purchase. This incident and answers from community sounds like this game is only for rich players. Here hard work doesn’t matter. You pay and enjoy. No hard work.

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If game continues things like this then i think one day you will even demand money for playing co op raids and PvP events :grinning::smiley::grinning::grinning:.

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What you said is a bit arrogant. Calm down. As someone mentioned, not everyone can afford it. More importantly, if things continue like this, one day you will find you can only play against bots in PvP

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Myth skin gives exclusive bonus stats , it’s not a cosmetic skin. Do those stuffs with those things . Bad move DECA , Bad move . Clearly shows what the intentions are.
This season recap = Astral hero ( money grab trick caz people has no other way but to buy tons of gold to max her )

Phoenix mythic skin has such a bad drop that players have already opened 200+ crates and yet they couldn’t get it.

Now this , Verill mythic skin only for the VIPs.