Verrill mythic is disappointing

The skin is disappointing. He deserves a better looking mythic skin.
I hope they gave a little more effort.



I am getting Blade vibes from Verril with this skin. I personally like how it’s subtly awesome. :grin:


I agree it might be missing something although I can’t put my finger on it, he might be missing a detective hat??? Idk, but the stats verril gets are really cool, they suit him really well,

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I think it misses the incognito style from stereotypical detectives.
Though, a skin for Pris where she wears dark sunglasses, a long brown coat, heels or some appropriate office shoes and then a fedora would fit nicely to her lore and what the design is supposed to be

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I like the mythic skin for Luciana. Verril reminds me of the fat cosplayers you see at comic con. Like an ode to a hero, but they were on a budget

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Where is verrill skin

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Takes about a week, surprised that one of them was already in the crate, the mythics usually arrive after a week of the event, so save your tokens if that’s all you want

Usually the mythic also comes when the event start; last one was a mistake

I am also not finding verills mythic; is he going to come in a seperate event?

The Verrill’s Mythic will be available soon, no worries. Make sure to keep an eye on the shop.

Actually hasn’t the mythic always taken a few days before coming to the crate, it always does this, and now everyone’s freaking lol, Just save your tokens people!

This mean what Verrill skin will be available only for money?!

After a week event is end, lol. Before that all skins always be available from the start. So don’t pretend what all is ok.

Its fine dude, it takes a day or two and it always has, don’t stress it, literally it will be there soon, always has been this way, just relax and wait, this time there is two mythics so one started in the crate and the other will come soon, patience

Lol what? First you say about week, now it transformed in «day or two». This is big difference. You don’t have any clear information but always talking something about.

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the only information you should listen to, is the actual source. so if it comes from anyone else that is not DECA they are making things up.

keep that in mind.

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Do you mean "The Fallen Crate? Not sure what you mean by “shop”.

Yah that was my fault, the skin comes out the same day that the offers for the skins come out

Bullseye said it’s coming under technical (updated)