Verril skin isn’t in the crate?

This thing is tested too. With the skin elemental damage is basically nothing against him.

This skin is equivalent to 1.4k cash in my country , with 3k here people can eat 3 times a day for a month.

It’s very unreasonable for not letting people at least get a shot at the skin. Around 60% of the people won’t get it through raids and they will have to buy it later anyways, but this is foolish.


I actually liked every changes DECA made so far… If you connect the dots correctly then there’s always a deep philosophical reason behind the implementation of each events/features.
I’ll try to break it down in most simplified form so stay with me.
Money is temporary, it can be earned back but time is something very transcendental & attached to consiousness, once it’s gone then it’s gone… You can’t get it back.
Giving an option to delete your account & now giving an & an only option to get a skin shows how much they are concerned about our time.
I like this initiative towards the betterment of the society, in future they will get concrete data whether ideas like these are good for the masses or not. The money they will get from this will improve overall environment of the game. We as a community should try to support the game we play as it is an integral part of daily life. Placing a threshold could be a good motivating factor for people to improve our quality as a human being.

Sometimes, you put walls up not to keep people out but to see who cares to break them down.

I can see how others can’t afford it. But regardless the skin isn’t the end of the game which is what most people are indicating. So far there’s never been a paywall for winning and this isn’t it either. It’s a skin that gives between 5-15% more bonus stats over the regular skin. That 15% is nothing more than one less bullets for the kill in both cases, it’s 100K extra hp and 7K extra damage per bullet. Point is. You don’t have to buy it and you can still win without it. I’m with no doubts all in for a skin that is available through grinding but i understand their decision as well. I see it from a neutral perspective

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Look like you don’t play in PVP on serious level. Each advantage is important and may become main reason of victory. Plus you forget about all other stats – surprise, but armor and especially crits (power + chance) is very important too. Especially if you run with team wich buffs crits. Even 5% (passive skill of Cain or Moss) is huuuuuuuge boost (try Mauler for seen how this change battle). Verrill have +15%. So if you don’t know how this work – silence is your best friend. And be more friendly because now you talk with peoples is pretty angry and arrogant. Thanks.


I’m staying as friendly as i can, as i always do. But i can understand some people interpret that differently, since everyone has their own take on something and Their own opinion on me. This world works in a way that 1 wrong thing you do or what someone thinks of you stands out more than the good you do. I can live by that fact
Now, weird assumption to make. I definitely play at a ‘serious’ level. Quite literally in all ranges. And lately especially with my 5 bar ruby teams. I certainly know how this game works after so long, and to my opinion, from playing at a ‘serious’ level. i think that that 15% at max is not that significant when it could also mean you get matches to an entirely different opponent with a much more counteractive team. Now, still the skin is available to everyone. Some are just not buying it. It’s not like it’s only tied to a specific set of people. Even if you don’t have the money you can definitely earn that within the 3 days if you put some work in, i know it’s much more expensive in some countries, but if you make that less money should you really be playing games when you can make money, and especially a…’pay to win’ game?

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You don’t wanna hear anyone expect himself… «Specific set of peoples» it’s all Indian community (very large), big part of asian countries (very numerous players), Eastern Europe and arabic countries. This is atleast 60-70% of current HH players as I may see. Also I repeated – not all players may buy something even if they have money. You don’t see last news from the world? For example, Visa and MasterCard don’t work in Russia and Belarus now for most of their banks.

Plus if +15% of crit chance it’s nothing for you that say what you play against AI teams. And with combo which created by someone else, because you don’t know how work stats. That ok, but not when someone like start imagine of game guru. Real knowledge based on skill of players, not on bars of your heroes.


Really sucks that’s it costs so much more in other places, for me it’s like a week of leftover change

Bud. I can understand you’re trying to find a way to make me look like an idiot who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, i’m thus also not expecting any mature comment on this exact sentence.

I have 1780+ days. Logged in at least 1600+ of those. I have at least 4 hours of playtime with every single hero, so…over 500 hours at the least. And that’s certainly not the only thing i have/achieved in this game
i don’t have to share all that in order to prove my point since i’m not centered on my ego.

My ‘skill’ doesn’t matter to this argument. 15% chance crit also means nothing because you might as well get a hundred crits in a row on 1%. You may literally have 99% and never get one. Crit % really doesn’t play a role in this. This is especially not for a hero like Verrill who’se damage is already high enough to the point where 15% barely does anything to the grand scheme except for overkill. If a hero like Verrill uses his silver on you, and you are unprotected you’re dead regardless of that minor boost.
And if you’re shooting him it may just make the difference between whether he gets his silver off or not, but the same thing could be achieved by just having Heimlock or Fortress in there.

All your days and hours don’t mean nothing if you not understand how game work. I wrote you about how work crits with good example as Mauler and what do Cain/Moss if you add them. After that Mauler start stun like crazy from his basic shot. And this only +5% (+10 if you use both). But you still say what crits don’t work, lol. Are you hear himself? With your words Verrill myth skin it’s fool gold, devs make that for fun and all who brought that is silly naive guys. Sage don’t come to you with age. I know many players like you who play many hours in PVP each day, but don’t know how work skill and don’t read them. If you don’t know something it’s normal. Nobody don’t know everything. If you transform this into global disaster this is your own choice. All myth skins it’s huge boost not only with health and damage.

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As I already mentioned, I made sure to note down both viewpoints. Both have their valid arguments. No need to argue, please.


Its simple! You GET some, you LOSE some. If you need it so badly, then do something about it, if you dont, then move on, thats it. Its not the end of the game because you cant afford to buy the skin. Just hope those skins will be featured on future events. Dont make it complicated


I think I’m gonna close this bc it caused a lot of what I didn’t expect,

The only problem I see is it should be obtainable at some point somehow, but since it costs so much in other places is completely absurd, that is really sad that for some people it would cost them a near 3k, boggles my mind,


I say this. Compared to that rare skin that hothead put out for butter if you donated $40 (which went to a good cause, not taking anything away from that) this skin seemed worth my $15. I haven’t spent that much on 1 item in a long time and I’m pleased. Would’ve been nice to have rolled the dice for the chance with 9 or 10 crates. But I definitely agree with my bud kingpin, most of the time you’re throwing gold at these crates like crazy and when you sum up all the gold you’ve used compared to that $15 you’re actually spending less most of the time.


Last point to consider as we move forward is that it would have been good to see a solution for the nano dust we acquired from missing skins that we can’t use to acquire any of the previous 5-10 skins that are still unavailable to us in general such as Cinders’ HellFire skin,
it was decided to make Verrill’s skin available without tokens.

So you see if the nanodust was one solution to acquire unavailable skins, and If another solution was made for unavailable skins, and Verrill had tokens and was also available for purchase that would have really made a difference.

Instead we still have nanodust we can’t use, we add another very much wanted mythic skin to the list other skins that are unavailable except for those who purchase it and still have no means to acquire previous skins and heroes that are completely unavailable.

This problem like astral frags, ruby gear, drop rates, stores, and game play issues were already brought up before. So please add these to your list and hopefully they inspire more good developments to come.

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Why has no one mentioned the new hero not being released in the 5* crate along with the hero being released after the updates?

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Devs have said that from now on they have no plans of having 5 star heroes in 5 star crate instantly after update. Instead 3 months after release. Why i don’t know. Just what i read


Hey, thank you for brining them up. Yes, I have them on the list and we’re considering ways of improvint them.

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