Castellen/Mythic skins offers

Why are these Mythic skins being offered BEFORE we have a chance at getting them in the Challenge co-op raid? Which, I would like to add, is a coop event thats starts in 3 days. Your mythic skin sale ends in 2 days.

Either make it available to purchase after the Challenge coop is over or extend the sale until the Challenge coop is over for those that didn’t pull the skin.

This is disappointing.

And for the haters, I realize I don’t have to buy it. I GET it. I just thought I’d do something crazy and post feedback in the feedback section.

Edit: “disrespectful” was a poor word choice on my part. I removed it. I also removed it since thats the only part being focused on. The point is, if i don’t pull it, I’ll pay for it. Just make it available to buy after the event as well before it.

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its just an option to purchase. you can either buy it or you can wait and test your luck with the event. It has nothing to do about being “disrespectful and disappointing”.

I understand your frustration. But to be honest, it is a smart marketing move and is in no way disrespectful. DECA with more money equals to better content/updates being pumped out. These people need bread and it is generally know DECA isn’t a money shark gaming company like Rockstar or some other games.

Disappointing, yes. Disrespectful? No,
They bought this game and they need to make money off it. To be fair, it could be worse. It could some more skins that aren’t available in any other way than offers.

Hey, it could be worse.
HH could have been bought by EA


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