Turn yourself, or your username, into a Hero

Just for fun. For example, I’m going to use our Lord and Savior Howitzer:

Name: Howitzer
Element: Energy
Weapon: Special (Cannon)

Description: a sentient artillery cannon. Obliterates the enemy with an extremely high powered shot or a fierce sky borne bombardment. Rewards careful aim with excessively powerful offensive boosts.

Gameplay: this is literally an A.I. controlled artillery cannon. This “Hero” would play much like an Energy version of Hardscope, except a few skills are automated rather than manually controlled. The primary weapon this “Hero” uses is its own cannon, having a very slow rate-of-fire in exchange for having high-powered blasts of damage.

Bronze Skill - HE Shell: readies for three seconds to arm itself in order to fire a high explosive shell at the enemy. Deals extreme Energy and Normal damage in a wide area of effect, and instantly destroys cover.

Silver Skill - Sky Barrage: readies for two seconds to arm itself in order to fire a mortar that splits into five separate shells. These shells pelt the enemy, dealing medium Normal damage and medium cover damage.

Gold Skill - Burn Out: connecting two normal attacks in a row massively boosts the third normal attack. The third normal attack gains massive Energy damage on top of its already enormous base Energy and Normal damage.

Platinum Skill - Intense Artillery: connecting a normal attack boosted by [Burn Out] rewards the next Active skill with a similar boost to damage.

[HE Shell] gains medium Energy damage-over-time while [Sky Barrage] gains medium Normal damage-over-time per split shell.


Here buddy, self-propelled Howitzer so it can roll from cover to cover XD

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I actually feel like many of the devs already have a hero they’re represented by. Munnin is obviously Hideo and Omni is Matador (Mariachi Matador to be exact). Howie, to me, is Hardscope and Bella is either cinder or min.

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