Chat Improvements


We want to hear from you on how we can improve your in-game chat experience.

What are you having trouble with in chat? What are some things you wish you could do that you can’t right now?

We want to hear it!

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I would like it if we had the option to delete or hide private chatrooms. Right now I have an enormous list of private chatrooms that have just been accumulating since I started playing the game. Would be nice if I could get rid of them.


I wouldn’t mind giving officers and higher the ability to pin messages within the alliance chat. Would be very helpful during bounty events as members come and go and may not know what bounty the alliance is going after. If you can’t pin, maybe bold lettering so it stands out more then rn scrolling though the log.


Why are we trying to reinvent the wheel? Why not use discord, line or messanger.
This forum is silly. I get bottled from time to time with loading the game then the forum. Why are you trying to have one app eat all my bandwidth with apps that can run in the background and save resources to play the game.

Please fix The red dot sign on The Chat tabs and integrate alliance Forum to Pin rules and tips! Cheers

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@Poobgloob. Closing private messages: We want this too. It should come in a future release unless we find some game-breaking bugs

@Benched. We are looking into something that would be similar to that

@Xgames. We can’t hook Discord into the game to substitute our chat. You could also communicate with us on Discord, Reddit, Facebook, or even send us messages directly in-game. You don’t have to use these forums exclusively.


It would be great if we could translate from one language to another. Or at the very least be able to copy and paste what’s on chat, so I can copy it to google translate. I’m in an alliance where majority speak Russian. I can only read and understand a little.

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I’d like to see a larger friends list and also the ability to add notes to the friends on your list.

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I agree with @WiskeyTangoFoxtrot
Personally, I don’t even really see the point in having a limit on amount of Friends in the first place.
Why should we be limited to the amount of Friends we have?

Adding notes to Friends is also a good idea.



Another (not incredibly essential) improvement, that I think would enhance accessibility, is: for us to be able to click on a chat preview and be directed to that specific chat room.

Currently, when we click on the Chat button, we enter the chat room that we were most recently in. For example, if I was in VIP chat, closed out of it, played a PvP match, and then I saw a preview of an alliance member’s chat that I wanted to respond to, I would have to click on the Chat button (which would bring me to VIP chat, since I was most recently there), and then manually have to enter alliance chat.

What I would like to propose is for us to be able to click on a chat preview, and be automatically directed to that chat (as shown below):

Rather than manually having to navigate through the chatrooms (which isn’t really a big deal in the first place, this is just a minor suggestion), it would just be nice to click on a preview and be automatically placed into the chatroom we clicked on, directly.

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Since the March update the cats in general have become very laggy and not responsive. That’s just my two cents. Maybe an option to create custom chat rooms and maybe a voting system built in to the vip and alliance chats for different things. Idk just some ideas

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Just wanted to say thanks for all the feedback and ideas you guys have given here!

Even if we don’t respond we do read everything :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys! You are awesome!


Want to know if there is anything in the works for a fragment exchange like

Gammond 60 fragments = Moss 45 fragments…

Would like to exchange some of those fragments I get duplicates of?

I think if the player star rating is lower you should get more fragments in exchange just not 100% value.

Butter gets 60 fragments and your exchanging them for odachi you get less because butter is a 2 star player.

So exchange rates should change Butter multipler should be like 30%. Equals 18 fragments for Odachi
Not a huge gain but might make crates more attractive if players want to exchange those unneeded fragments.

I personally see you losing fragments intended for the hero based on the formula the computer gives you. But it is a personal choice.

Every RPG game I have ever played that was successful had a store to exchange gold or cash in. Dating back to zelda.

Can we please stop resurrecting old threads? You can create a new one instead of reviving something from 2 months ago :confused:

Even more when it has nothing to do with the original topic