VIP gameplay clarification: Why are the VIP benefits like this?

Im predominantly free to play, now at VIP2, and would want to increase my VIP level. But why is the VIP in this game designed as the following:

  1. You get autoplay tickets as tangible benefits, which also increases as your VIP level increases.
  2. Some useful auto mode in raids

But everything else is the benefit to buy more stuff with gold? So you buy gold to increase your vip so you can reset more often? Why are there no improvement in energy reset rates? Better income? Or are there?

There is eventually you get 1 more heart per hero in pvp and another “free” gauntlet to do per day. While small these things add up fast. Probably not worth the pricetag but hey that’s up to the individual. Maybe one of the VIP perks will be premium servers for PvP and coop and then the game will be playable atleast

I checked the VIP level for the gauntlet reset and it’s ridiculously high. If there are more tangible benefits, to VIP-ing, aside from allowing you to buy more, more people will probably aim for more reasonable VIP levels.