Voltage Daily Login Tokens

A reminder for those in a hurry. :dash:

You can get more than double the usual daily login tokens! Only now, only for Voltage. :zap: That is, IF you log in every day and get them all. :smirk:

P.S. The game masters wanted to make this small gesture because you are awesome! I think it might be time to introduce them. :grin:



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Thank you for giving more opportunity with newer heros, also, usually once they are all obatained, they are usually 9 or as of now, 19, really makes my head hurt knowing I can’t do a x10 pull, bc it is an option even if it does nothing, all in all, really happy so see we get more tokens rather than specialty tokens,

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What is the purpose of thy meme, sire? :crown:


Will 19 tokens be the new norm? Would be a great change lol.

Would love to have 10 rather than 9 or 20 rather than 19 tokens,
(it hurts my heart to not be able to do the x10 pull)

It’s done like that so players will spend gold. Normally their is a blitz for the hero where the milestones are every 10 crate openings, so if you open 19, you would want to spend some gold to get the 20th one, earning more tokens from the blitz. :+1:t2:

This makes me think 19 login tokens won’t happen again lol.

Because speciality token crate is buggy​:laughing::laughing::laughing:

Well…yes. thats what they said in that post…

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