X10 button for crate openings

There should be a x10 option in all the crates.

I honestly think it be very helpfull for almost all the players.


I think for some it’s a minor issue as not all people stack up so much tokens and such, i know a few though, though i can agree this can be very usefull. It could spare us some time and make the rewards look more awesome when we see them all on screen


I asked for this feature & i don’t think it’ll be implemented…really need this 10x opening crate feature… Cuz, now lots of people are getting gilded tokens on regular basis from events.

Same thing for heronium stores… Buying gears by clicking on the same thing again & again isn’t a convenient way.

Maybe not in heronium store but, gilded & gorgon must need this 10x button!


1000% agree. :+1: :+1: :upside_down_face:

Gilded crate is less of a problem to me (I got 43 of them though) but Gorgon crate definitely need a x10 button.


As someone who recently opened 200k tokens I know the pain.

Good ideia nice broooooooooooooo

I have no words to express my laughter… sed loife

How did you do that? Waste a fortune or cheated?:rofl:

should i also be worried??? Lol

I just saved up for a long time lol, I have like 10 accounts at level 90

How the heck you can handle 10 accounts, you must have plenty of free time in your hands lol. XD

I used to, not anymore haha

Ah i see. :laughing:

How did you get 20,000 crates?:astonished:

You are a beast! 10 accounts, that’s crazy😳

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