Tokens for new heroes

Hello Hunters,

I don’t like to complain but, why is it that every time we get tokens for new heroes, I can never open the chest and get that hero; I feel like I am being robbed.

Can someone explain to me why that is the case…

I’ll love this game, but HHG are hell bent on us leaving it


By the consensus of everyone in vip you’re not missing much with the new hero he’s not even in the top 20 in overall power

This has taken out the fun of bounties, as I never get to use the new hero for the 1st bounty. I don’t look forward to bounties anymore!!!


I hear you buddy; but they have taken out the love We have for this game

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With the last one where you get 3 tokens I got 12k heronium so I’m good with that

New hero is 38th overall power

My concern is, what system are they using; if you are below a certain vip level, then your chances are good; but, if you are above level 10; tough luck :rage:

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I think its pretty random and vip level does nothing to change the odds.

I’m vip 15 and got with the three free tokens

Clayton drop rate = 4%
When u fail to get him on the 26th crates. U have my sympathy. :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw… I didnt get him neither. :relieved:

The point of these tokens is the to give people a fair shake at the crate w/o paying a dime… this new hero is awful, but, having free crate tokens given is pretty bad ass. I feel u on not getting the new heroes, but, the tokens are a cool gesture from the devs as long as u log in. In no way do these tokens guarantee you receive the new hero…

There is no change in Crate reward chances based on VIP level. Every single player has the same odds.


I hear you​:roll_eyes:…:thinking:

A year ago there where no free login crate tokens that I remember. I have received many frags, both good heroes, and heronium… along with the usual Callidus, Wesson, Fischer, Shank (bad heroes?) but even then, it’s future heronium. So I enjoy the login tokens even if the drop rate has changed. Overall power across the game is increasing. That’s good right? Better percentages in pvp brackets etc