Waiting for nothing... (daily login calendar)

This is about the daily login calendar. I’ve been waiting since a week to get panzer (a hero I don’t have), then suddenly when I log in, I see it’s changed to flatline, a hero I already own. It seems weird why it would change near last second. If anyone can tell me what happened, please let me know

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I’ve never heard of Panzer or Flatline being in the Daily Login Calendar. No disrespect, but are you sure it’s them? If it is, it miiiiight be better to talk to Support rather than the forum. Go to your profile by clicking your name, click Support, then click Contact Us.

Yes it says “free hero” on he 10th day when you login. I will talk to support also, thank you for the suggestion.


Flatline was in last day of calendar as an unlock or 60 frags for me 2-3 weeks ago. Every other day with frags are Sentinel. This week, all Sentinel. Haven’t seen Panzer in the calendar tho.

right here. It’s strange that it’s happening to me

Huh. Learn something new every day.

Yup lol. It hasn’t happened before? Was it always flatline?

The same happen to me except mine was Flatline for the duration but when the last day came, I got panzer. I had both already so I didn’t really worry about it.

My game went the other way round, from Flatline to Panzer.

i need panzer which i am unable to get from daily calendar

I got the same problem.

The devs should fix it as Its very unfair with low level players to do these king of things.

I only have had Flatline once, which I got after the 10 days. Every other time than that it has been Sentry and Kunoichi. I really wish they offered these two less since I have no interest in either, and offered more random heroes at the 10 day mark.

I have some fat chick with a beard named Brogan or something in my calendar. Never seen her before.

really Send screenshot