Impossible to get Kunoichi now?

Is it? I really like her design and was one of the reason I played the game. lol

No, you get her through daily calendar.


Oh I havent seen that calendar yet I’ll check thanks :slight_smile:

You basically get 10 of her fragments weekly for not even having to do more than start the game daily. Of course this won’t make your Kunoichi very strong - it would take forever to get her even to 6* this way but once you unlock her you can invest your collected orange or universal fragments in her. There are though better characters to spend your frags on but if you really like Kunoichi then go for it.
Too bad you’re a bit late to the party; her faction was featured not too long ago and we had events where we got rewarded 100’s of her fragments.

I agree she’s cool!


Just checking currently on my login calendar is 1 matador and 4 cinder… Im guessing Kuno will be later on?

I lover her mono eye helm, she also looks like a warframe. =w=

Sounds like you’re not checking the daily login calendar but instead checking your daily quests.

Or? Maybe different players get different calendars? Maybe it’s based on your overall power level and / or VIP level?

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my daily login calendar shows this tho

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Oh wow, that’s quite astonishing! In 5 days you’ll have Cinder unlocked - she’s great!
But yeah. Odd calendar. Must be something to do with you’re being a new player. Let’s see what happens after Day 5. :slight_smile: Report back!

My daily calendar is: XP, Kunoichi, Gold, Bucks, Sentry, XP, Kunoichi, Gold, Bucks, Sentry. Then I can’t see further but supposedly it’s going to loop again.


Okay then. I literally started today. lol

Ay, maybe they’re giving you that odd calendar since you started in the middle of a regular calendar cycle or something? Hopefully they don’t swap Kunoichi out before you can get her!

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Damn, I wished I had your calendar.

This is mine

And I wish I had yers…

pls send Kunos… ; w ;

You rather have Cinder fragments than 100 gold almost every week?

Well, the amount of frags is nice, not that it needs to be cinder but getting 60 frags in 4 days, is nice

I get 40 frags in 10 days.

And cinder is really strong imo

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Ayea I also like Cinder. She’s like Salvatore but her skills can actually hit enemies sometimes.
(I also like Salvatore though)

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From a friend’s account


Wah! Woah! I must type more letters to be able to send this comment!
I want 3000 stamina NOW.

What about the 600 gold?

Yes I take it. Gimme gold.

I would also like a login like that, but I only have 50 gold and fragments of kunoichi and Sentry