War Quality of Life Suggestions

War has been and is pretty stagnant for years now. Here’s a couple of minor ideas that I think can spice war up.

  1. Shorten War. Week long war is way too long. Reduce war down from 4 days to 2 days, but have BP reset every 12 hours instead of 24 hours. You can stagger PvP event with War so that they don’t over lapse either with this scenario.

  2. Increase the the power of KLG Mercs. Everyone’s power has gone up, but the KLG Mercs has stayed the same. If an alliance choose to play in the Master Bracket for example, then the minimum KLG Power should be at least 150k, 125k for Expert, 100k for Specialist, etc…

  3. Reorganize Bracket Power. Bracket suggestions: Novice: 0-5M, Intermediate: 5-10M, Advanced: 10-25M, Specialist: 25-40M, Expert: 40-70M, Master: 70M+++

  4. Anyone within the same bracket will risk facing each other, regardless of Alliance Power. On War 3, the top 6 alliances in said bracket points should be paired together and whoever win that war will determine the winner of the season.


Totally agree.

War bracket and PVP bracket adjustment is the most logical thing aside from raising the level to 110 at this point. Love the game but it really is becoming a grind when you reach the top and the weeklies just need a pep and rejig. Nothing too crazy.

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