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A bit confusion regarding to wars.

(1)Are seasonal rewards of wars based on first 2 wars or last 2 wars or any 2 wars of that season or best of 2 wars?
–>If yes, then, bracket must be same on those 2 wars or not?
(2)If an alliance plays all 3 wars in 3 different brackets then, will they get seasonal rewards of that bracket where they played the last war or where they performed best?
(3)This question will only be important if we’ll get an unclear answer for 1st 2 questions.

I’m really confused so, hoping someone will clear my doubt.
Have a great day

  1. The wars that contribute to your final season score are your 2 wars with the highest points, the lowest point war is discarded.

  2. You get the rewards based on the bracket you finish in, so if you have 2 wars in elite and finish your 3rd in Master then you get the Master season rewards (TSTK has done this often in the past).

If you start a war in 1 bracket and finish it in another then you get the rewards from the bracket the war started in, not your current one. Essentially all the power of the participating players = your bracket.


I’ve a question from that last paragraph of your answer… Let us assume:If an alliance like TSTK played first 2 wars in master bracket got 100 points & holding 100th rank in master bracket on the other hand an alliance X got 101 points in expert bracket for the same first 2 wars(and holding 1st rank in expert bracket).

In 3rd war… If TSTK kick some players & played in expert bracket & that alliance X is also playing at the same bracket where they’re playing before.
Now, if final leader board says TSTK scored 151 points & alliance X scored 150 points… Then, who will be awarded by rank 1 seasonal rewards in expert bracket?
TSTK or X?


If a player drops from the top bracket to a lower bracket with high points then they will get the 1st place reward, this has occurred before a few seasons ago when an alliance dropped down as a bunch of their members left, TSTK was cheated out of 1st place because of it as an alliance who was making 1m points a war (a top tier alliance in the top bracket) had a bunch of their players leave at once.

To put it simply, it all comes down to points. If EXTAC who currently has 3.4m points in the Master bracket drops power down to below 25m and enters the Expert bracket then they will still have 3.4m points and WPIP (your alliance) will get pushed to second place with no chance of competing as you currently have only 1.3m points.

This rarely happens however as the top 100% reward for the Master bracket has better rewards than the Rank 1 reward for Expert.


Yea… I also checked that,but,some alliances also wants those plat portrait or a bragging right to say 1st rank in this-that season …
But, yea… Thanks for explaining this…
& sorry for that season where tstk lost their 1st position


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