Domination of Laziness!

The root cause of this post is actually one of my alliance officer @Blaster007
He sent me a pic by saying how & Why?

Edit:Sorry for not hiding the name of alliances (if it’s against the rules…like name calling then, pardon me)

I remember once, I already posted something about this topic to clear my doubt but, still don’t know why this is the way it is…

Your best 2 wars only count, Alliance war seasons used to have 4 wars so it would have been best 3 war scores but now it is only 3 wars a season so your best 2 scores count to your season total.

It is done this way so if you get a bad war, take TSTK first war for example, then it doesn’t hinder your chance at getting a high rank, if you combine all 3 scores for my alliance and compare it to yours then you would have got first. It is so if you get screwed 1 war it doesn’t impact your entire season.


I understand… It was just for my teammate who was asking me why the rules are against the results?
I said… They forgot to change the rule & it’s not a big deal.
Hope other players will not read that thing which will make them screwed(in case if the don’t know the new rules of wars) & play along with the trend:)

I can see you getting progressively lazy with the title each time

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Laziness is my birthright :slightly_smiling_face:

Please put in more effort. If your topics don’t move closer to indicating the content of the post, like a title should, I’ll start closing then on sight. Thanks.

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Maybe at first glance my title would look irrelevant but, I prefer to think twice:)

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You’ve been given explicit instructions. Thanks!

Lol… Sorry… Let me explain…My mate said the rules/instructions are still not edited or corrected after 4th season while the actual rule for selecting the alliance in leaderboard is changed. [like it says best 3 wars while it works according to best 2 wars] he said it’s laziness to ignore that description thing of war or whatever we say that… So, that’s why I selected thag topic… Sorry for inconvenience!
Have a great day & keep the good work up.

Claiming laziness without much thought doesn’t help much in the feedback. Just seems trollish.

And shouldn’t the season total be more? Or just takes the best 2/3 scores

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description is as it is from season 4

what counts in the war are the two highest scores not the sum of the 3 wars

Oh now I understood the title, it took me more than 2 times though, nice observation

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