Counters of total participants for brackets season war and PVP

It would be fair to add counters of the total participants to give the possibility to all the players to check if the bracket assigned in rewards war season and PVP grade rewards is correct or wrong.
Now the total participants are not known so it cannot be determined whether the bracket received as a reward is right or wrong.


that’s a good point.

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My alliance has finished the season 3 war in Expert 15M+ position top 20, and as rewards season 3 have given us those of the bracket top 20%.

Possible that they participated, in season 3 war in expert 15+, only about 150 alliances?

It seems strange to me that so few alliances, with the counters each of us can verify the assigned rewards. Even a computer can make mistakes and give wrong rewards, but having no way of doing any checks, if we receive wrong rewards we cannot complain because we have no concrete proof of the error.

Same thing in the PVP.

There were 139 team in Expert level season 3. It is listed in the leaderboard.

forgive me where you found this number in listed in the leaderboard?
he has always shown me only up to position 101 in listed in leaderboard

My mistake… 139 is season 2 not the season 3 you wanted. :sweat_smile:

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