We could use scopes. Really!

What if the devs made let us use the scopes and the game could be FPS, too. And there could be a game mode similar to battle Royale, If not, I still love this game.

They have a game for first person, it’s called Killshot Bravo, give it a look on the App Store


No battle royals please, not every game needs one for god’s sake, scopes i would agree to, and first person not, this game is unique as it is

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Also, this post does not fit in community gallery

What we would need added to the game is No HUD mode, would improve gameplay for the more experienced players

They should add custom reticles imo, sometimes I load into a game with a dot as my reticle instead of the normal crosshairs, and it feels much better with accuracy and takes less screen space.


I’ve been asking for custom reticules since before last year! Would be sick!