What do you think if sniper users have Scope mode?

I always imagining if heroes with sniper rifle/rifle have Scope mode, imagine you can use scope mode on Hardscope, Nightingale, Sentry, Moss or even Dogface! What do you think guys? It should be cool right? Or make this game more complicated? :thinking: :grin:

i do kind of find it unnecessary as for now as most enemies are close enough to hit and needing to press to screen to activate the scope is not feasible for me,but i do understand where you’re coming from

But if we have Scope mode we can headshot someone more easier, I guess :thinking:

At this pace of this game, especially in PVP, which a win is usually determined in the first 15secs, by the time you scope precious seconds lost and match loss

Well, you can use your hero with or without scope, you know for additional feature, if scope mode has additional damage it would be awesome, or nightmare for newbie players LOL :grin:

Lol by the time one scoped in … at least one of his hero is dead

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I just thought about this today as, the target I’m trying to hit is decently far and I can’t see him, wishing I had a zoom

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@doomsoldier, it really depends on what platform you play on. I will only play this game on a tablet. So as to not get my eyes strained :thinking:

I know right? For rear line hero is kinda hard to shoot enemies, and Hardscope’s accuracy is just awful, his bullet just spread all over the place :thinking:

Not every people have or use a tablet, for smartphone users it’s kinda hard to see because enemies are small from rear line, so you know what I mean right? :grin:

This doesn’t happen because bullet bloom is a significant part of this game’s balance. People would get confused/angry/upset because they would scope only to realize their accuracy isn’t “perfect” and they would be missing shots even with the crosshairs perfectly placed.

The same thing happened in Destiny with weapons that got significant bloom, people got angry that they were missing shots even when their aim was good.

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