Simple (?) sniper change

This would be cool:

The longer you aim at a target with your sniper, the more the sniper zooms in / increase accuracy. This would make snipers feel more snipery. It could also shake up the gameplay a bit since it would change how many players would choose to snipe.
For those who would still prefer the current sniper mechanics (which allows burst-shooting with no real penalty) then they could just keep doing that.


Great idea!!! Would allow for lots more tactical gameplay and give more choices of who to pilot.

Just to add to the idea, mechanics wise it would also of course be necessary that if the sniper gets interrupted with a stagger/stun, accuracy is reset.

Yes indeed!
However it’s a problem what would happen if the target moves out of sight for the sniper, because yes - targets move a lot in this game - and they’re fast! Maybe the targets could have a second “hitbox” that allows the scope to zoom in as long as you aim somewhere kind of close to / around the target. This way you could follow the target as it moves without losing the extra accuracy as soon as it leaves the scope sight too easily.

I got the idea from a bow-and-arrow game I tried. The sniping mechanics were awesome but the game forced gyroscope controls so I immediately put it down.

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