We don t need a chicken

All characters in this game serious heroes and if the chicken entered after a period will become a game of hero hunters to farm animals!!!


boy, that there is a TURKEY. learn yo animals



Haters gonna hate.



If turkey or ostrich are all poultry lay eggs this is not hate or ostracized I constructive criticism! But this is my point of view
If criticism does not like you what you opened the forum and take the views of the participants supposed to take views positively if the interest of the game if you do not like you can respond to a polite way

The screenshot you showed us shows Matador in a sombrero, which last time I checked, is not standard issue.

We thank you for your feedback.


Today chickens and crocodile tomorrow and then a snake and complete the zoo

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Where is the Turkey, I dont see it in my game…did I miss an update or something

Soon the chicken will be in the oven and wait for it to mature

Croickey, there’s a Crocodile? I don’t remember making that.


Wait and you will see in the immediate future if the chicken arrived in the game after which all the animals will gather

We can only hope!
I can’t wait to have my team of all the different types of birds.
Turkey, Duck, Chicken, Pidgeon, and the most terrifying of them all, Woodpecker.


I’m sorry I was really bothered three days eating chicken and surprised by the presence of turkey posted on the site on Facebook

It’s okay, sometimes you just gotta switch it up and eat a plateful of Bacon to surprise your tastebuds instead all the chicken you’ve been eating.


HAHHAHA GObble gobble GObble

ffs :joy: :joy: :joy: my sides

I want to see Caine in a crocodile outfit! :joy:

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How do you have that skin available to unlock already? The players name is blurred out.

It’s not a real screenshot, the update isn’t out yet.

The Kinder Eggs and improper placement of the skin in the Heroes display are dead giveaways. Don’t believe everything you see without looking closer!

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What? We didn’t put the Kinder Eggs into the game?! I was hoping after you fully 10 Egged your heroes you could open them up to 10 Surprise Toy them.