We need a new energy hero with a plat that includes 'everyone gets +5% crit'

Just for symmetry, you know?

Not before we get a mech reviver.

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You obsessed with that Mech reviver. Lol :joy::joy::joy:
But we need it tho

we have Cain (mech) and Moss (bio) with this skill at Platinum.
It’s a good idea for an almost unstoppable Mauler team. Why not :joy:

Need it.

Apart from our mech reviver (please NO) where are our Mech and Bio drone/pet/swarm summoners?? Are Hivemind and Halloway (Min doesn’t count, her decoy clone doesn’t do shit) condemned to be the only (albeit not very useful) summoners?

MORE SUMMONERS (good ones pls)!

Make. It. Happen.


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More summoners, you say.

Like this one?

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