We need something replacing maxed team XP

So basically the game is always giving something else once you maxed something like skin nanodust for heroes your already have their skins and heronium gem for heroes with 10 star
And in cases when some sort of collectables expires in the game it is replaced by bucks

Maybe people who reached level 90 maxed can have something instead of team XP for example

  • Team XP is replaced by hero XP (atleast silver)
  • Team XP is replaced by bucks
  • Team XP is replaced by war coins
  • Team XP is replaced by quick wins

Anything actually will be cool so people who are infront and did efforts can feel satisfied about that progress but currently they are stock on that level no progress and no substitute and I know people who reached level 90 about 2 month ago

Open for suggestions, put your Ideas here

Love the game, thanks


I wouldn’t mind having some sort of Team XP cannister so that when the level cap is raised, there’s something we can apply so that we can level up faster.


Completely agree. Hero and team XP is given out way too much and way too often. When you can level 72 hero’s to level 90 all at once and have a ton of XP left over, it becomes frustrating to quick win missions and get XP over and over again

I had the same idea about 3 months ago i posted here but there was no response from developers i hope that they take this seriously :slight_smile:


I think they will be upping the team levels some time in the future

I’m sure the level 99+ notifications are a good hint lol

i understand that the team level will increase soon but what about those almost 3 months we waste with no progress and no substitute?? That is my question

The same how it has always been every time we hit a level cap. Nothing

@Muninn please say something about this idea

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