About team level XP.. a good idea

You know how we can store hero xp? So when we reach level 90 we still stack xp for when an update adds levels we can easily upgrade heroes instantly with the saved xp. Can we do something similar with team level xp? Everyday we waste all the xp from daily rewards and campaigns, and now it’s getting extremely high and takes weeks to finish one team level. Would be nice if we could some now save the team level xp everyday for those of us at team level 90. Cuz I’m wasting 2000-10000 xp a day. Just a thought, maybe it can be changed.

Oh guys. If you have Netflix go watch the new episode of patriot act about video games. You will forever change the way you see video game developers, and I want to use this opportunity to say thank you for all your time and effort. And if you guys don’t get paid to crunch deadlines I am very sorry, but thank you because I enjoy this game a lot. You make that possible, so THANK YOU.


Agreed or throwback to my idea on discord a while ago of having a reward for leveling up again past the max like in Destiny 2 where you get engram for maxing your level over and over, we should have a similar system that rewards players for playing every day and grinding that XP because it does take a while to go from 89 to 90 and even longer to go from 90 to 91 (max) so a reward would not be game breaking or exploitable.

Tokens such as gilded, gold or hero would be suitable rewards :wink:


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