Remove XP rewards from pvp crate

Please consider removing xp from pvp crates - I have over 30,000 xp tokens which will never get used. We get them from every area of the game, why do you need to put them in pvp crates? You could replace them with something small like 2 gold or 10,000 bucks etc. Thanks

I concur, or add the ability to sell XP and quick win tickets. Another thing you could add is bonus PVP gems, I wouldn’t mind getting an extra 2-300 PVP gems from a crate every once in a while.

Don’t remove xp from pvp crates

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Is useful On the daily

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Please don’t say these useless things.

Wtf xp from crates is useful to upgrade heroes

Ok keep xp but lower the win ratio and put in more prizes like small gold or energy.

Did you read my post? We get xp from literally every area of the game it’s an overkill.

OK fine dude tell me why u remove xp from pvp crates

Well, the reason to remove exp is because I hit level 65 two days ago, and I already have 34 heroes max level.

34 out of 47 heroes max leveled means that in… lets say… 4/5 days, I will no longer have use for exp.

We get exp from every single game mode. And if you don’t use quick wins, you get even more (because used squad will also get exp). So yeah, I’m in favor to reduce the amount of exp we get from crates. Once you hit max level, you will realize how useless it is.

More XP in creates please,
and more crates please. More more more.

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