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[1] : Sometimes we forget to login and it makes our weekly rewards unclaimed on that missing day, can we create a system where if someone forgets to login in a day during the weekly schedule, But can one get access to that reward even after 1-6 days during that weekly schedule? For compensation, assume that the person will have to pay 50-100k bucks per
Reward for the missed prizes that week.

[2] :

So, according to these pics… 3* heroes are the most wanted things.

We grind, achieve 1st mile ,use most wanted tokens & cheers… We got 3*/60 frags of Callidus… & that makes my day :slight_smile:

Any chance to remove those 3* heroes & put only 5* & above heroes?

  1. There are good reasons for the way that calendar works. Paying to get through them defeats the purpose.

  2. No. Sorry.


1st one was understandable… 2nd No was like… We’ve to agree with disagree… Cool



Sorry. We can’t say “yes, we’ll do that” to everything you like. We may not respond as transparently in the future if it’s not appreciated. Thanks!


The no is appreciated. Sometimes when we don’t get what we want it makes us disappointed, emotional, but that’s life, we won’t always get what we want. Please do give straight answers. Although it may seem we do not like it, i doesn’t mean we don’t respect it.
I hope one day Mw will see some change , to stay true to it’s name. Even if it doesn’t it’s still k .
Just to let u know, I really do like the game and appreciate the team for your efforts. Yes there are things I may not like. But there are so many things in games that I like. I am thankful for the people who made the game that I enjoy. Don’t get disheartened by these complaints.



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  1. I’ve had times where I forget to log in and miss those days cause I swore I did it. But that’s on me. Can’t be getting stuff from a past log in cause I messed up

  2. doesn’t matter the star power. It’s the hero they want. Not everyone has all the heroes. Example new players who haven’t made it far in game.

My teacher told me if u want to tend towards perfection u’ve to work on every minor flaws…

If u think people who criticize the game r only haters then,they can simply delete this game… But, they come here in a hope that somebody will at least listen to them.

Sometimes,it may be not a flaw or sometimes it is… Depends upon our point of view… Have a great day

“The only thing wrong with trying to please everyone is that there’s always at least one person who will remain unhappy. You.”

You can’t please everyone. There will be changes here and there that will be necessary to balance the game play to make it more fun for all.

This comment reminds me about a situation which recently happened… Seems like u don’t have any clear point… & ur ideas/statements r contradicting with ur own statements
Have a great day

That’s not what I said at all. I’m sorry we’re not able to have a conversation on the same page.

The purpose of those rewards is to make you log in everyday even for a while. Thats the purpose of it. If you can buy your way to those rewards then it defeats the purpose.


We already got the answer… So, it’s k
But, that’s a good reason tho

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