Daily Bonus reward skipped?

Good Day all, i would just like to know if this has happened to other players. Basically the system skipped a login reward despite my daily log in. Do i accept the reward and then send support a ticket? Im a bit pessimistic about my issue being resolved as my issues in the past have never been resolved in any case.


Same thing here. I log in same tjme everyday for these rewards. But today it got skipped. No point in writting support they dont care and always some bull excuse it time zone reason you missed it even if you log 100x times a day. Sol have a good day


Same here but I already collected then sent to support so we’ll see

Send ticket to support

As mentioned before, send in a ticket. But don’t be rude about it when you do. Also be patient to them responding. No need to open multiple tickets for one issue.


Canadians holiday this weekend so might be slower

Lol thanks man, wont bother contacting then. The responses are always a bit demotivating even when having a genuine concern or issue. So i will rather let it slide and slowly erode my love for this application.

So, when you’re already logged into the game, and the reset period happens, you can get to the regular login calendar and claim your reward. The reward advanced by 1 every time you claim it.

Special login calendars can ONLY BE ACCESSED BY LOGGING IN AFTER THE RESET TIME, which is shown in UTC time and should now coincide with the daily login calendar. The special calendars don’t live anywhere else. If you’re logged in before the reset, and stay logged in, you won’t receive the special login bonus after the reset unless you physically quit out of the app entirely and go back in to claim it. And, it will advance by 1 whether you claim it during that time or not.

Lots of people are experiencing this, yes, but it’s not a bug. Hopefully this will help everyone understand how this system works.



I had the same happen to me. I’m on iPhone and I always close out the app when I’m not playing. But i was told I missed a day with the zumi crate but didn’t happen. No clue how I can miss a day every day playing


There is another explanation to people who missed/ skipped special reward. It isn’t about closing app restarting app (Log in log out).
I have a habit of closing n restarting app multiple times a day. (A counter measure to deal with false items listed in store.) But I still missed and skipped special reward. Why?
I think many players like me basically rely solely on the direct pop-up reward page brought in front of you to claim such reward. I simply seldom venture to that special reward tab myself. So, the reward is actually there… just the pop-up reward page we missed.

So… Perhaps… moral of the story… TRUST NO ONE but yourself to access that tab.


I have messaged support. They asked me to make sure my timezone was correct. Considering I have an alt that I sign into daily, I always log back into my main account. You all know this… I practically dance between accounts and live in this game. So I find it strange that this happened to me…cuz I kept thinking I might have missed a day. I actually questioned myself. Now I’m wondering cuz I’m seeing it’s happened to so many of you now too.

P.S. I took this image today in anticipation of the daily reset to show the differences between my main and my alt for support. I imagine they don’t know that this problem hit us sometime after the PVP problem. I wonder if it points to a larger issue somewhere down the line for us. Alas, I do not know. I truly feel I didn’t miss one reset cuz I dance between accounts after 2pm CST time, logging back into my main when I’m done. I do this again after 7pm CST every day, too. And finally once more around 9pm CST. Always landing back into my main to PVP or whatnot.

It’s still free stuff, but I feel like I missed out when I never do. Or did I? I can’t even trust myself, it’s so strange…


Yep, this has happened to me too. I know I didn’t miss the daily reward, because I opened those crates when the PVP exploit happened. I’m pretty sure this is as a result of the rollback, and I’d like this to be addressed. I was lucky to only have missed the 2 crate tokens, but other people have missed 3.

My screen says I got it (but I just dont remember :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:). Devs, why you dont change the way you give these dailies? You could attach them to a Daily System Messages during the bonus period.

I also think that there should be a change of how these are conducted.

In my opinion the problem there is related to the day 4 and more specifically between 21:00 CET & 08:00 CET, my friend logged in at 21:00 this day (@ reset) and got the day 4 reward correctly. I logged in at 08:00 CET and skipped the reward and got day 5 reward instead (on day 4).

Now they seem to have synchronized as I got day 6 reward and in my next reward it is once again day 6 announced. But day 6 reward is not really equal compared to day 4 reward. Same happened to others in my alliance and previous event logins.

Sometimes this can get quite frustrating especially having in mind that the event calendars have the special rewards that are harder to get (gilded tokens / new hero crate tokens / special pictures)

And with having such a high (pvp- and event-) focus on the new heroes, it is sad to see that many players miss out on chances to get the hero (in your alliance) (especially when it happened to serial which is no longer available as a crate).

I hope this helps you a bit to better understand the problem and if there is no solution to this specific problem, maybe you can implement a way that the players can reclaim their rewards. especially if they log in every day.

I mean it is just a game & there is no problem if you miss out on a reward, but the problem is now well known for some time now.

So when it is no problem to correct the data manually with the pvp error, why can’t you give all members there missing day reward by mail, worst case scenario you give somebody who did not log in a reward she/he does not deserve, but odds are that the person just did not get the reward due to a glitch.

Looking forward hearing from you

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exactly the same thing happens for me on both accounts