We Should get money for PVP and gems

I like this game. I like the rewards for gems, but just to give people more incentive to play PVP. It would be nice if we could get money for PVP too. We need money for everything, all the upgrades. We would be rewarded money per every kill and if you win the battle why not give a little gold too

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you actually get them. The pvp crate (the one you get after 5wins ) has a large chance of netting you gold and bucks.


Je ne pense pas qu’il y est réellement besoin de changer les récompenses du pvp, il y a sûrement plus important à faire

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I can win more than 200 ++ times a day. if they give me at least one unit of gold, then I will be rich :sunglasses:

It’s good for you to learn to spend wisely. I rarely run into gold problems ,tbh

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