WE WANT YOU! Let's Hunt!


We’d like to know more about our fans and what you love about Hero Hunters!


Hello team. I love Hero Hunters because I can play online in PVP mode, and when WI-FI is not available I can concentrate on the offline missions.
I love Hero Hunters because it’s a top dynamic mobile shooter with RPG elements, and elaborated characters. The design of the heroes, enemies and entire levels is amazing!
I love Hero Hunters because you guys (devs) run events every week, come up with new characters and it makes me feel your enthusiasm!
I love Hero Hunters because it’s just amazing, and this is the first game I spent my money on! Of course, my team power will never compare with those who invested hundreds or thousands of real bucks in this game, but I still can play and get my doze of fun.
I love Hero Hunters because admins are always online and we can see them in the chat and ask for assistance if needed. Admins, I love y’all!
And I love this game as I want to see 1vs1 pvp mode (with possibility to send your hero to the battle against an opponent’s hero using auto-battle (and betting who is gonna win like in Rome’s Coliseum) or manual control, and every win by your hero will be added to this hero’s WIN COUNT and we could grow a hero-champion, like a gladiator), infinity waves mode and a possibility to challenge any specific player in the game just by entering his or her nickname, AND I’M SURE YOU WILL INTRODUCE THESE MODES IN THE FUTURE! CAUSE YOU GUYS ALSO LOVE ME AND EVERY HERO HUNTER IN THIS GAME! CHEERS!