Dev-astation: Free Play PvP with the Team


Knuckle up and get in line! Take a crack at playing head to head PvP versus select members of the Hero Hunters Developer Team!

We’ll be playing Free Play PvP on March 26th from 4pm - 5pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). Enter Free Play, and if you happen to match up against one of the Targets listed below, and win, you’ll receive an exclusive prize!

Come hang out and hunt with us!


Try to match up versus these targets in Free Play for your chance to win prizes!
HHG: Howitzer - Team Level 40+
HHG: Munnin - Team Level 50+
HHG: Huginn - Team Level 40+ (Power: 14,500)
HHG: Sn4cks - Team Level 50+
HHG: Bomb Bella - Team Level 10+


If you manage to beat one of us, you’ll be eligible for the following reward!


  • One prize per person will be handed out to those who beat us.
  • Winning a second time against the same HHG member, or against a different HHG member, gets you bragging rights, but no additional prizes.
  • We will be sending you your reward through the in-game inbox

cool! time to kick some dev butt!


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I wont go down without a fight!


So does power matter when finding you guys ? I saw some of you are only on silver level so it would be hard to get a match because of the difference

Sounds fun :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, no lives will be used up in that hour of PvP, correct? That’s what is meant by Free Play?

Well we won’t go easy either :slight_smile: good luck and have fun!

Exciting! Can’t wait! :smiley:

Haha a dream comes true! :star_struck:

So if we play a bunch of games at that time we will we get to play against you for sure? Or will it only be a lucky few that benefit from this?

Can’t wait! Should be fun

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We will be in the normal PvP queue. It’s not guaranteed that you will get to try to defeat us. To increase the chances I’ve added my rounded average PvP team’s strength. It includes some of my favourite Heroes, if anyone’s played a Raid with me you’ll be able to guess which heroes I’m bringing!

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When the devs play us next week…

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So are the server issues going to be resolved by this event? If not you could have 10k power less than me and still win because my shots don’t deal damage. Lol. I laugh because I want to cry at how bad this issue is. It’s a great game when it works…

This is a great idea, it’s just a shame it is US-centric. Please could we have other similar events suitable for Asian and European/African time zones?


Good point Maadmatt…

Yes! The next time we host an event like this, we will try to pick a time that works for everyone :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone who came out! Looking forward to our next Dev-astation session!


More than 30 hunters managed to Dev-astate us! Great Job!

:frowning: I missed it! I slept in zZzZzZz

We’ll be doing another one :slight_smile: